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EVERY CREATURE lost their magic... and a magical mind wipe occurred


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i think I know the reason why the dragons gryphons hypogryphs changelings,etc never showed up.... they lost they're magic too. we can see that the rat birds can fly as well when the magic returned...same as the dog.

hence maybe the other creatures lost theirs too.... but who would do such a thing?... cozy glow....

but why wouldn't the allience of creatures help each other out?

mind wipe....

who would be capable of casting mind wipes?

well gen 5 showed the EQG memory stone... cozy might've got a hold of it... plus they did say that the peski pegasi has something to do with it... Izzy's words.

plus the only pony I know who uses mind manipulation is Sombra.... which was spoiled by a toy that he might be the next villain...



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Wasn't Cozy Glow turned to stone along with Chrysalis and Tirek though? Unless you're implying that somehow it cracked sort of like how Discord was freed from stone with the CMC's horsing around (no pun intended). :sealed:

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