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Midnight Danny's Source Filmmaker Artwork [3D Art]

Midnight Danny

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A gift for my friend since he love Spitfire so much like l love Rarity so much. :darling:


Wait, you're asking if this is new thread about my SFM art skills? :wacko: Then it is! :darling:

Anyway, welcome to the thread about my Source Filmmaker (SFM) art skills where l'll post some of my SFM Posters (and probably animation, l still need to study)! :mlp_yeehaa: This idea came into my mind, basically when l post sometimes a poster on my profile status, l always thinking that maybe it is a good idea to start a new thread about it, and today is the day to start doing it! :D Normally, every work l posted is on my Twitter page. :please:

Who knows, maybe l'll probably make requests for you in the future :darling: (MLP Canon characters, OCs). 

But keep in mind that l will be also busy with irl work, so l cannot stay like 24/7 in front of my laptop doing many SFM posters. :wacko:

Hope you'll like my work, if not, that's fine too! :mlp_yeehaa:

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