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The tall skyscraper game.


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Basically, I'll start. You say if you want to go up or down the stairs and what you find there.



Poster 1: Go up the stairs to the first floor. There, you find fifty rainbow snakes.

Poster 2: Go down the stairs to ground level. At ground level, you find <whatever>

Poster 3: Etc.



Basically, you put if you go up/down the stairs, what level you're on then, and what you find there.



1. You cannot leave the building.

2. No elevators.

3. You may only go up/down 1 level at a time.



I'll start.


You go down the stairs to level -1 (The basement).

There, you find a box inside a box inside a box inside of a box that is on fire.

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Let's declare the ground floor to be the first floor, for sake of ease.


I go up to the 2nd floor, where I find a large maze of cubicles.

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