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Ask Magnolia


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This is the thread where you can ask my main character, Magnolia anything. Please keep all questions appropriate. No roleplaying please. 

"Ask away..." 

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@They call me Loyalty

"My truth not being taken seriously by those around me. Mostly my family. I suppose one could say my other greatest fear would be my failure to re-unify with my family in a peaceful manner. All I want, is for my story to be told. For someone to learn from it. To not make the same mistakes as me, most importantly. So in essence, my greatest fear? Not being able to be apart of my family again. Life is limited. Leaving an open wound go an entire life lifetime is like jumping into shark infested waters with an open flesh wound. Same concept." 

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What's your favorite type of Spread for a slice of bread?

Do you prefer rugs for practical purposes or as part of the decor?

If you're an animal person, what's the first pet you ever had, and/or what's the next one you'd like to have?

If you're not an animal person, then what's your experience with indoor plants?

Please describe your favorite sunset? or better yet, show us a picture if you have one!

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"My favorite type of spread on bread would be Peanut butter."

"I prefer rugs as part of the decor. I am well versed in natural and uncomfortable situations. Comfort is a convivence to be had - not a need."

"I was never an animal person but the animal that always caught my eye is the Mockingbird. Indoor plants? I find them to be a good uplifting of the spirit."

"My favorite sunset is often through rain. But I also like sunsets over the Autumn colors of fall, and over water."



Sunset through the rain above Lake Waikaremoana ...

Sunset Autumn Forest Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Sunset over Lake Ontario | Peaceful places, Lake ontario ...


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