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What would the Mane Six’s Hogwarts House be?


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I’m honestly wondering what you all think!


Twilight: RavenClaw

Pinkie Pie: Hufflepuff

Applejack: gryffindor

 Rainbow: gryffindor

Rarity: slytherin 

Fluttershy: hufflepuff


Luna: slytherin

Celestia: gryffindor

Cadence: gryffindor

Starlight Glimmer: RavenClaw

Trixie: slytherin

Sunset: Slytherin



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I feel that all the Mane 6 would live in Griffyndor. Luna could be Ravenclaw and so could Celestia. Trixie, Starlight and Sunset could be Slitherin. I'd also say Cadence would be close to Twilight in Hufflepuff. 

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Twilight: RavenClaw

Pinkie Pie: Hufflepuff: Because she likes funny words.

Applejack: Gryffindor - To keep an eye on Rainbow Dash.

 Rainbow: Gryffindor - Because Gilda is a Griffon. 

Fluttershy: Slytherin - Which she chose because of the cute snake. 

Rarity: Hufflepuff - To keep an eye on Pinkie Pie.

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Realistically, they’d all be in the same house because they’re the Mane Six but stand-alone, I think Twilight, Rainbow and possibly Applejack would definitely be Gryffindor, Pinkie and Fluttershy would be Hufflepuff, Rarity would be Ravenclaw. :o

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