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Rosy Moonlight

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Do any of you guys feel like the color palettes of MLP G5 are rather garish? 

I am asking because it reminds me of how the recent Barbie content seems garish to me.

I'm guessing that it is just how color palettes are evolving, but I want to know if anyone else here can relate to this.



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I believe the forum banner is overly saturated. Still, a more accurate word would be "devolving". As in going retrograde while making it look like progressing or forward motion. The luciferians love their gaudy colors. As if the cutie mark of the thunder with a crown on the androgynous one wasn't a sufficient clue. The whole thing is rather tasteless, if you ask me. It feels empty, doesn't it? That hungering emptiness devoid of the original principle.

You cannot paint over what is inside of you. You can change your name, your body. Pretend all you want. But sooner or later you will have to face the only truth there is. There is one way. And you know it.


Now, speaking more on the level of the forum. I really think the colors are little too vulgar for me.

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