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Which MLP character you associate a VA the most?

Steve Piranha

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Of all MLP characters voiced by a single VA, which one you associate them the most? You can pick more than one character. After all, it’ll be rather difficult to pick only one of the Mane 6 for Ashleigh Ball and Andrea Libman :mlp_icwudt:. Here are a couple of mine which aren’t too obvious

-Shannon Chan Kent: I’ve noticed most of you associate her more as Pinkus’ singing voice. Since I’m more into speaking roles: I’ll pick Silver Spoon :proud:. I’ve picked her because of her greater presence, at least pre-reformation. That alone left a more 

lasting impression overall. The cutie Wallflower was only relevant in a single EG special, Lemon Zest was alway a minor character, and Smolder suffers from the same Young 6 problems overall, despite having a bit more relevance with her interactions with Spike

-Vincent “he took my waifu” Tong: pretty sure you can figure that one out :LunaMCM:. Despite this’s character’s diminishing, and possible planed comeback before EG got canned, there’s no way I was picking anyone else; starting with the infamous mutual romantic interest with Twi, and the subsequent wave of memes :mlp_yeehaa:. Garble didn’t have nearly as much presence, and Sandbar suffers from Young 6 problems, on top of being intentionally generic. Feather Bangs and Rumble were relevant in a single episode (and the latter wasn’t voiced by Vincent Tong in his first appearance) and Blueblood was secondary 

-Jesse Inocalla: Octavio Pie, as the first Horse Life entry :mlp_smug:. Seriously, who can grant a bigger impression? A well meaning, bit still merely professional character without much personality, OR a brother of Pinkus who didn’t exist in FIM?

-Rebecca Shoichet: Same as Shannon Chan Kent, I take more notes about speaking roles over singing roles, so no Twi. Otherwise we got: Night Glider, part of a group of one time heroes who saved the day when the Mane 6 were out. Sugar Belle, same as Night Glider, but with the addition of a subplot with Big Mac, resulting in their eventual marriage and foal by the end of the series. Finally we got…. Sunset Shimmer. No prizes for guessing which of these ladies I associate their VA the most :LunaMCM1:

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Ashleigh Ball is Applejack

Tara is Twi

Devyn is Ocellus

Don't know too much about the other VAs tbh. Kathy Weseluck is very much not spike though :BornAgainBrony:

Chantal Strand slightly reminds me of Diamond Tiara :P

Chiara Zanni seems like AK Yearling (but mainly because AK Yearling is a device for all VA's to talk about their characters)

Kelly Sheridan does seem more like Starlight than her other pony roles

Maryke Hendrikse is a little like later Gilda

Is Tabitha more Minty or more Rarity?


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