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movies/tv How do you think Rose and Jack woulda lived if they woulda survived the Titanic?

~Sugar Sprinkles~

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They'd have a lovely life in defying the laws of physics!


Technically the door frame Rose layed on to survived should've sank.




I'm sure they'd have a great love life, but it would've had its struggles since they are of opposite classes there would be MUCH discrimination between the two!

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Well jack did live in the first scene of inception he washes up on a beach so...


Yeah ive heard about that, kinda gives you a hint, but then in the movie Revolutionary Road, once again Leonadro DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is a couple, married, with kids, haha small world
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When you mentioned Rose and Jack, I seriously thought you were talking about the characters from Doctor Who.

But I think Rose would've just helped Jack upon the raft and held him in her arms as they sailed away.

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