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movies/tv Detentionaire (or, Snakey Bois, Adorable Newscasters and the Color Green)


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Well, I couldn't find a thread about this particular show, so I decided to make a topic for it. Right now I am EXTREMELY fixated on this show - it was a passing interest before, but I recently binged through the whole show and had a roaring great time. The show starts out simple - Lee Ping is an average high school student who gets framed for a prank he didn't commit and gets a year of detention for it, and goes on a quest to find out who DID pull the prank. Things soon get even deeper, though - he discovers conspiracies and deals with a giant mega-corporation, all while dealing with the pressures of teenage life. Along the way, he's helped in his adventures by his longtime friend Camillio Martinez, lovable foreign exchange student Holger Holgaart, techno-nerd bully with a soft side Biffy Goldstein, and numerous other friendly and even not-so-friendly faces.

I love a lot of the characters in this show. Lee, Holger, Kimmie McAdams and Brandy Silver are all up there for me, but my absolute favorite character, as you can probably guess by my avatar and a few of my posts here so far, is Lee's love interest, Tina Kwee. She is so adorable!!! Every minute she's on-screen, she just makes me smile with her sweet personality, determined attitude and kind heart. She became my favorite the instant I laid eyes on her in the first episode and quickly became one of my ultimate comfort characters. I wish so badly that Nelvana made plush toys of this adorable little newscaster. She's endearing, funny, dorky, and just makes me feel so happy with her nice girl attitude and cuteness! :pinkie::wub:

This is an amazing show, but tragically it got cancelled on the fourth season on a big cliffhanger before its story could be fully resolved. Many Detentionaire fans are working to see it get revived. And I can't argue with that. Nothing wrong at all with more Tina! ^_^

By all means, check the show out on YouTube. It's criminally underrated! :mlp_please:


The power of Tina's adorableness compels you :umad:

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