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Gaming Favorite item in the Super Smash Bros. franchise?

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Oh my gosh...I have quite a few:

Pokeball: Love the idea of pokemon coming to your aid (unless its a useless goldeen...)

Assist trophy: Same deal with the pokeball (unless you get one of those dwarf guys from Zelda who tries to cast a spell, but floats away on a balloon...)

Beetle: These things are so entertaining yet rage inducing. Once you're grabbed by one, it's super hard to escape...at least it can be destroyed. 

Bunny hood: Who doesn't love jumping extra high and going extra fast?

Franklin Badge: Super useful against spammy projectile users...

Smash Ball: Gotta love unleashing your character's most powerful move am I right?

Super Mushroom: The bigger you are, the harder you hit!

Deku Nut: Stunning others is fun...problem is...you may get stunned yourself with one of these! 

Dragoon Parts: It's always a race to assemble the dragoon. Just hope that if someone has a pokeball...they don't summon Munchlax.

Gooey Bomb: It's sticky and explosive! Gotta find a way to get it off of you by passing it to someone else!

Warp Star: It's a crazy ride but it delivers quite the blow.

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My favorite items? that's easy

Poke & master balls - Love the assists and Pokemon KOs except for goldeen who's useless in some way and clefairy's metronome for splash is also useless

Fan - This is 1 way to deal a lot of damage and burn time so why not? Has shield break effect in the N64 version upon smash attack.

Assist Trophy - Same as Poke and master balls, but the only useless assists are nintendog, and mr. resetti.

Hammer and Golden Hammer - Gotta love these items even when paired with Super Star. Love the headless hammer even though it has nice launch power and damage and Golden hammer is useless if it ends up being squeaky (or toy hammer) effect.

Beam Sword - One way to do a lot of damage

Smash Ball - Love the final smash especially when you have teammates and friends to do a follow-up attack to help do a lot of damage on 1 character such as Young and toon link's Triforce Slash, Cloud's Omnislash, Kirby's Ultra Sword, Greninja's Final Smash, and others to ko the opponent fast with an assisting teammate also does well with Smart Bomb

Dragoon - It helps dealing with the crowds though

Daybreak - Same deal as Smash Ball.

Smart Bomb - Well This is one item to rack up coins in a coin battle, but also same deal as smash ball and daybreak

Home-run bat - Love the instant kill effect on smash attacks especially if it helps ko an opponent when they get distracted by items even in SSB64

Death's Scythe - Same as home-run bat except it only takes effect when opponent's damage is 100% or higher.

Beetle - Gotta love the screen KOs

Pitfall seed - Helps to leave an opponent opened to attack and ko'd

Metal box - Has a nice Launch and flinch resist, but resistance wears off at high damage

Super Star - Same deal as the hammers

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