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So after 10 episodes of Tell Your Tale, what does everyone think of the show now?

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I think this is a great way for G5 to get of the ground! Simple episodes with a fun premise in each one, fun characters and lots of good humor too. Sure, yes the animation is a little rough at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly and just enjoyed the show for what it is: More MLP goodness for everyone to enjoy.

Here is my ranking of the episodes:

1. Zipp's Flight School

2. Sunny-Day Dinners

3. Mane Melody

4. Foal Me Once

5. A Home to Share

6. Clip Trot

7. The Unboxing of Izzy

8. Sisters Take Flight

9. Nightmare Roommate

10. T.U.E.S. DAY

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I think the series is just ok, but nice. The episodes being five minutes means I don't really lose much by watching and I always like seeing more of characters I'm fond of. I'll have to think of episode ranking later, but my favorite so far would probably be between The Unboxing of Izzy and Foal Me Once.

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