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Forum Upgrade Scheduled


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Update as promised! 

Forum will be down Saturday 5/21/22 at 18:00 US Eastern briefly during an update to the main software that runs the site. 

Once the forum comes back online there will be a topic available to post any issues you come across so we can create a fix list. I will post link that here and in a reply. 




We will be updating the forum software very shortly, as soon as I can coordinate a time where I’ll have another tech pony to help with the server in case something bad breaks. When I have a date and time I’ll post it here, but wanted a soft announcement that it’s coming soon. 

As always, upgrades tend to mess with the custom theme we have, so expect some odd behavior following the upgrade. There will be a topic for users to note broken features and style items in the Feedback section. 

The upgrade has a lot of new features that will help with the pending opening of a new Debate section, as well as some fun features that will start rolling out in short order after the update. 

Cross your hooves and claws! 



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