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open Into Limbo: Worlds Colliding ( OC Lifeverse.)

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This will be the temporary place of you characters @Windy Breeze, the ones who hasn't connected yet with other players. This way we can deal with other people's needs and etc. I might place the others who would be joining in so this title might change in the future, oh and if you don't like the title give me a heads up so I could change it.

so let's continue!

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You only need to change the Windy Breeze multiverse to OCLifeverse; the worlds of Dead Equestria, Afterbefore, Princess of Unknown Kingdom, and Fallout Equestria: Rotting Lilies are connected to the world of OC Life.


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  • The title was changed to Into Limbo: Worlds Colliding ( OC Lifeverse.)

Moving the stories here 

@Windy Breeze


~Iffy Quizzy, the silly pony~


Iffy Quizzy was quite a silly pony to have messed with a device that she has no knowledge of. That said, she still manages to activate it and put herself into a pickle.


Now she finds herself in a dim and dusty room filled with old books and fragile lab equipments.


The seem of a door leading upstairs is the only reason why there's some light on the room, and is the only way out of the place. There she would be greeted by a library filled with books and some ponies staring at her with confusion.




~Thunder Light and Buckshot, the wayward bullets.~


"Watch where you point that" would be the last words that Thunder Light should've said. But instead she was struck by a blinding white light, and was shocked and pissed off at what supposedly be her end...


Mean while... Buckshot was scouting ahead to see if their target was near, but was only greeted by a blinding light through her binoculars.


As the Blinding light soon fades and vision starts to work, both pony would find themselves on a Castle that seems to have just been destroyed, as fresh soot can be seen and rubble recently chipped. There are some ponies there that seems to be working at the site... It seems that they are excavating the place or trying to repair it. It's hard to tell since everypony working there was shocked at seeing two ponies suddenly appearing from a blinding light. But that silent won't last as one of the workers would scream out. "ODDITY!!!!!!"


And panic ensues... Some pony would flee while some pony would point their horn at you or a contraption. They seemed really stressed and threatened by your existence.




~Storm Light, Party Crasher~


Storm Light, who was just minding her business, doing the same routine from her job would suddenly be struck by Lightning...


The mare would miraculously survive that and crash on a tree which would help slow down her fall and eventually land at a bed. She was expecting the ground but weirdly enough a bed cought her last fall. Not only that, but beside her, she would be greeted by a grey pegasi with derped eyes.


" Can I help you?" The derpy eyed Pegasi asked.






~Nimbus, the Drifter.~


Gasping for air, fighting the currents. As his final push for survival, he breaks the surface  of the raging water then into a calm lake. 


Shocked to see that he was outside Ponyville on a lake, with no casualties from the tsunami.


His only thoughts....."wtf?"




~ Glory and Pan, the Broken Family.~ 


The castle a blaze, a country ruined. Vengeance ever turning, as the ones they've crushed has risen once more to pay what is duly needed.


The Family of Royals trapped in their room. Preparing for their final end, gives their kiss and farewells. But cut short from a blinding light that one cannot hope and pray that this may be their salvation.


But will it be?


Glory would find herself sitting on a Crystal table. And Infront of her is a shocked young Alicorn. She has a pinkish fur and a bluish mane and a crystal heart for a Cutie Mark.


"Um... Good day to you.... May I help you?" Said the Alicorn.


Meanwhile Pan would find himself on a farm filled with apple trees as far as the eye could see and somewhere in the middle of it all he could smell the sweet freshly baked apple pies. Further investigation would lead his eyes on a barn, where the smell might've come from.



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@Windy Breeze

Progress with iffy so far....


As Iffy's brain try to process and collect information. Her brain would finally catch up and more clearly see what the library has instored for her.


Not only where there lots of colorful books. The place itself is quite beautiful and unique, unlike the storage she calls home.


The beams have color and design, the tables have elegance and beauty, the flooring is bright and shiny, and the room is spacious and devine. Unlike the cramp, dry, desolate, lonely, and strict place she calls home.


It also caught her attention that not only are the ponies NOT wearing the uniform, but most are them are....nude...  And what's that she spies outside the window? A garden!? A garden filled with colorful stuff! Red, blue, yellow, and some colors that is probably foreign to Iffy. Not only that, she spots other creatures from the other side of the window! Her mind was about to be once more overloaded with stuff she over thinks with, but would be cut short as the Librarian would disturb her excitement.


" Ahmm! ... May I help you?" 

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A scream shook Thunder out of her thoughts and tried to fly, only to fall flat on her face.

“Ouch!” she yelped. What's going on, why is her armor not obeying her all this sudden? Wait a minute....


Writer, you dumb-headed [Censored]!

Thunder cursed in her mind. She was accompanying a group of odd but friendly wastelanders, helping them travel to what remained of Manehattan safely as possible. That was her duty as a soldier, but to protect them, her protection has conditions: one, they must keep her alive; and two, they must point the barrel of a weapon at her. The only male member of the group decided to just do that because of his apparent ignorance with guns and point the weapon at her face, although unintentionally.

“No, no, no, don't even dare try doing that, [Censored]s!” a rough feminine voice yelled out, “I'm not going down without filling one of you my bullets!” The speaker seemed to be standing beside her downed form and she could hear the quiet hum of a unicorn's magic. Either the mare's a wastelander with no proficiency with diplomacy or a stinkin' raider. The mare was emitting a smell mixed in with dried blood and the smell of not bathing for several years. Opening her eyes, Thunder decides the unicorn is a female raider, judging by the mare's appearance. Then raider was a light brown unicorn mare, she has emerald eyes, and a very kept mane and tail of darker shade, there are small patches of scars on her head, chest, and her legs of old injuries the mare sustained during her years of raiding countless caravans. Held floating by her magic is a double-barrel shotgun. Looking in the direction where the gun's muzzle is pointed, she saw several ponies either running or pointing their horns and their weapons at them. Thunder and the raider are both outnumbered, so Thunder tries to diffuse the situation by trying out good-old diplomacy.

“Lower your weapon, ma'am”


Buckshot was not very happy. She had only agreed to join only because of the small band of raiders she now calls friends because she needed safety in numbers and resources. Sure, she warmed up to them and decided to make friends with one, but she never asked to find herself in an unfamiliar place with one of the travelers she and the group are planning to attack. Worse of all, she was surrounded by a large number of strangers. She may not be the first to pull the trigger in her group, but when it comes to situations like this, a prey's instinct kicks into action.

Her ears swiveled hearing the winged pony's order. She glanced at the armored mare and spat out with the fire of despise in her voice “Why am I going to listen to you, pony in a metal can!? You think talking to them can get us out of here!?”

The armored mare's mouth frowned, which was the only part of her head not obscured by her helmet. She can still feel the glare through the insectoid-like orange visors. “What you are doing is only increasing our chances of getting killed. Use your (Censored) head!”

“Oh shut your (Censored) mouth, (Censored)!” Buckshot cursed.


Stormlight wasn't so sure what happened to her even as she look at the mare whom she immediately recognized as Derpy Hooves—although she prefer to call her by the name of Ditzy Doo as she thought Ditzy's the mentioned name offensive—she can easily remember that she was at Cloudsdale weather factory helping out moving the clouds when a loud boom of thunder deafened her eyes, and every fur on her body standing before finding herself plummeting before landing safely on the bed. She eyed Derpy, then at the bed, then at Derpy “H...How did you know I was falling?” she asked.


Glory Bloodthirst cannot remember what happened after a bright flash took her from the huddled pile of bodies that was her family. Her yellow pupils, along with her red sclera, stared at the pink winged...horned equine. She wasn't quite sure what to call it as she has never seen it before. But seeing the crown and the regalia, she knew that this mare in front of her was a ruler of a kingdom, its existence unknown to her own country and its previous rulers. Glory also noticed that she was sitting on what appeared to be a table made of out...shiny reflective materials.

She got off the table but did not take her eyes off the pink winged-horned mare. Glory did not want to create a diplomatic mess by accidentally insulting this ruler so she gave her this question: “Where am I?” she asked calmly, looking around the room like a lost foal.


In another place, one of Glory's family members is doing the same thing in a similar situation. Pan woke up in the middle of what appeared to be some kind of fruit farm surrounded by trees with odd red fruits hanging on their branches. He was tempted to try them out but the suspicion of walking in the properly of somepony's land and his carnivore-only diet made him pause. He then realized one thing: his family was nowhere near him.

“Mother? Father?” he began calling out for his family one by one, his movement growing more uneasy and agitated as he did get any answer as seconds goes by, “Elise, Chichi? Father!? Mother!? Chichi!? Elise!? Please answer me!” he spread his leathery-bat-like wings and took off to the sky. He glanced down at the ground below him and saw nothing but trees, trees, and trees. Whoever this place must be wealthy to have a big tree farm. Wait a minute, if this was somepony's property, why can't he just look for a house to see if the owners are there? Maybe his family was found and taken inside. Besides, who would deny shelter to the royal family? Coincidentally, a house came into view as he was contemplating. He made a quick decision; he glided back to the earth, landing a few feet away from the home, the wooden structure was painted bright red.

As he was making his way to the door, his nose caught a wonderful aroma coming from the door. Oh, I hope he is not interfering with anypony in their lunch. Halting in front of the door, he gave three gentle knocks, “Ah... Hello? I'm sorry if I'm intruding somepony but can I have a word with you?” he spoke apologetically, “I am lost on your farm and I don't know where my family is. Do you happen to pick up a family of three mares and a stallion?”


The first sensory retained is his ability to feel the state of his body; which is rewarded with a sudden shot of agony coming from all over his body, from his head to his hind legs. His eyes shot open and began kicking his legs.

He was underwater.

Nimbus Fairwind was a good swimmer, but the pain serves as a distraction from calming him. He was confused, he needed to get his head above water.

Nimbus desperately swam towards the surface of the water while trying to ignore the pain. He could see his memories flash in his eyes but he rejected them.


His snout broke through the surface of the water, Nimbus was finally free from the mercy of the water. He shook his head, his damp mane flopping back and forth. He opened his eyes.

A sky greeted his eyes but there was no hospital, no houses, just him floating on a small body of water in the middle of a green field.

The pegasus swam, reaching for the land despite being boggled by the unexplainable change of location. No, where was this place? He could not see the sea, where is he!?

“Where in the hay am I?” Nimbus muttered. He was surprisingly calm.


She took a random grey book out of a bookshelf, examining it. The title on the cover read 'Fallout Equestria'. She looks up from the book to glance st her vibrant surroundings “Blue, red, yellow, green, orange, brown, purple...” a smile slowly grew, “So many colors. Ahahahaha! How is there so many colors in one place?!”

Iffy does not care if everypony around her thinks she's weird or odd for her antics. The energetic earth pony mare galloped around the library, laughing and repeating names of colors like a mental hospital patient on the run. Iffy could not help it, the place was so lively and happy than anywhere she had been before. She came across a window as she was trotting by and decided to check it out. Lo' and behold, there was a green garden, and...and...what is that big blue and yellow circle thing on the ceiling!?

A voice saved her from a possible memory overload. Looking behind, pony decided to inquire about whatever Iffy wants. “Yes, I actually have a question: where are we?” she asked.

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~Thunder Light and Buckshot.~

As the crowd lessens and the ones left in the ruin are the ponies who have weapons, a stand still is at play.

One of the workers who is pointing their horn at them starts to break the silence and demanded for the two ODT to surrender.

" As the superior Officer present in this area, I demand that the two of you surrender quietly and be detained for further questioning, for you are considered an ODT And a threat to Equestria, leaving us every right and action to use deadly force if must!" The unicorn yelled at them as if reading the Miranda rights on a peace of paper, to a bunch of criminals.



Derpy would be confused at what the pegasi was talking about, since she said no such thing to her. 

" Look here young mare, I am more confused than you are! Here I was minding my own business sleeping, then to be awoken quit rudely by a pegasi that I do not know. Are you a thief!? You are aren't you!? Doc! Help!!! Thief!!!"

The mare shouted historically at you.



The Alicorn seems to be quite young but a reasonable creature and would remain calm, even though this creature suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

" Before we continue, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Princess Flurry Heart." She would then stand up and give a bow towards Glory.

Also giving away how small she really is compared to Glory.

" Please... you may sit down on one of the chairs, and be comfortable."

Flurry would notice that the creature in front of her is lost and confused and would like to make her feel at ease and welcomed.

" First off all you are in the castle of Friendship, where Princess Twilight Sparkle, the current ruler of Equestria reside. May I also know the reason of your um.... sudden visit?"




The lost pony would find answers but not through the door but behind him.

" Hey there partner." As Pan looks at where the voice is coming from he'd be greeted by an Earth pony with a get up of a farmer suit. She has a red mane and yellowish fur, and she seems to not be staring at your general direction when she speaks to you.

"The names Apple Bloom, and your at Sweet apple acres.

I'd like to help you out on your predicament, but you're the only pony who I detected entering in my farm."

Apple Bloom could sense that the pony seems to be stressed and would start to invite Pan into her home.

"...you look like your lost or something..

I can offer you to stay for a while, so you could rest up for a bit? Have a breather and a talk with me so I can help you out if I can?" The earth pony would open the door and welcome you in.



He would be greeted by the gardens of Ponyville where the birds sing, the winds Calm and the by standers on the park estranged and confused at the pony who is swimming on the pond.

A young pegasi, mare would come up to you and offer you a helping hoof.

" You know you'd get sick, swimming in the lake like thaAA!!? ARE YOU OKAY!? Quickly we need to put you into a hospital. " The mare would try to gently drag you along, worried from your injuries.

You'd get a closer look at the pony and see that she has a rook for a cutie mark a light pink fur and a blue curly mane.




The librarian gasps and accidentally blurt out, "an ODT!?"  

She would then try to collect her composure and apologies to mare.

" Ahh forgive me...pay me no mind... Anyway... You have no idea where you are and yet you came out from the library basement?" 

The Librarian would ponder your answer and would ask you to join her.

" Come with me so I could help you out."


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Surprisingly for the librarian, Iffy only froze with a smile still on her face. But deep inside the stable dweller, she wondered why the pony called her with weird initials? Mmm, maybe ponies here are named with short initials. Ah, that must be the case then. She was no longer Iffy Quizzy.

She was now...ODT!

ODT...or Iffy Quizzy had not been listening to the librarian until the mare told her to follow her. Iffy unfreezes and began disregarding the librarian's personal space by moving her face too close, “Ooh, are we going somewhere? Can you tell me where are we going um...” she retract her head, putting a hoof to her chin as she pondered for something Then, a lightbulb popped on top of her head (not literally) “Miss ESQ?”

It looks like the librarian's handling of the ODT came off easily. Meanwhile...


Thunder and Buckshot's profanity exchangement competition was interrupted by the superior officer. Buckshot's immediate reaction was to point her shotgun at the officer, much to Thunder's dismay, the latter yelling “For crying out loud, you'd find yourself laying on the pool of your own blood before you can pull the trigger!”

Buckshot paused, eyes twitching with annoyance at the annoying armored mare while thinking whether fighting the officer and her buddies is worth taking risks. It is obvious she can't take on all of them due to their numbers. She may not want to admit it, but she knew that the armored pegasi was right. Then, she remembered what Cards told her.

Groaning, she dropped her shotgun in defeat, even kicking it far enough for her magic to reach “Okay, okay, fine. You get to take me and do anything you want with me. Just make it quick.” she closed her eyes, preparing for the worst.

Thunder rolled her eyes, her expectation widely different from the one running in the raider's mind. “You don't have to fear anything from me. I actually need some help since I can't move in my depowered power armor” she told the officer.


Nimbus happily accept the mare's help, mainly because he felt too nauseous to even deny. He was still strong enough to speak but his voice came out like he was out of breath.

“W-Where's Thunderbird?” he moaned, asking the mare before falling into coughing fit, then wheezing. He could feel his chest aching. And despite his uniform he still wore covering most of his body, his stomach was noticeably swelling. Unknownst to him, he was having a near-drowning situation.


Stormlight knew Derpy, she was very kind and sweet, friendly with a bit of clumsiness added to the mix. She also know Derpy's friendship with Time Turner, and her job as the town's local mail courier and had once worked at a shop. So why is Derpy accused her of being a thief? “A-A thief. Oh no, I would never steal somepony's stuff!”

Stormlight defended softly with a meek tone, “and you know me, Ditzy. I'm a resident in Ponyville and you know me. Please, this is all just a misunderstanding!”


Glory was surprised when it turned out the ruler was smaller than her, maybe she's just a young mare who was recently crowned and she only been ruling her country for years after becoming a queen. The winged-horned-equine would introduce herself as Princess Flurry Heart. That title threw her previous belief regarding Flurry's royal status.

After sitting on a chair, Glory would answer Flurry's inquiry “My arrival here is unintentional, I have no plans to visit a country I don't know exists. I was at the royal castle where me and my family now lives after a successful coup thanks to the resistance forces my husband led to seize the capital and to overthrow the incompetent king and his family for the betterment of the nation and my tribe, who are still brutally persecuted by those who are still loyal to the previous king and sought the destruction of my kind for lies and crimes our tribe has never committed.” she took her silver crown and placed it on the table, oroving her queen status, “I am Queen Glory Bloodthirst. Me and my family rule the Kingdom of the Thestrals, most who know me simply call me by my name Glory. You may call me Glory if you wish.”


Pan followed the mare into her home despite the obvious fact that she is not a thestral and that she did not recognize him as some kind of royalty, he was flattered and thankful for her generosity. He was disappointed and distressed when she told him he was the only one to trespass her farm, meaning his family was not here in the first place. It does not make sense? How did he got here if his family had not even been here!?

He hoped his family is safe wherever they are.

He smiled at Apple Bloom's offer “Thanks, Miss Bloom. I'll be forever in your debt.” he thanked her politely.


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@Windy Breeze


The librarian would show disgust and a bit of fear on her face when the weird pony started to get too close for comfort for her.

" Hehehehe..." She sheepishly laughed and tries to distance her self ever so slightly.

Then the weird pony started to question her and babble on...

"Oh uh... Just call me librarian... we don't.. don't really need to know each other anyway.... by the way, we are heading to the head mare of this school, she would definitely help you out. So if you would come this way."

The librarian would end up guiding you out the library and into the garden.

You'd also notice that on the other side to her left is a big humongous building with a huge insignia and a title named School of Friendship. And yet the librarian is leading you to the opposite side where it leads to a path to the forest.

" This way please..." She requested.


~Thunder and buckshot~

"Fwoosh!" An arrow whizzed by Buckshot almost hitting her.

Panic ensues, and all hell broke loose. Screaming and shouting would come out while they let loose shots and spells everywhere.

" Fire! Fire! Open Fire! AAAAA!!!" 

" Fire!? Where!"

" Mommy help!!"

their fear and inexperience would show as they'd fire their weapons without even aiming. Most casualties they made were friendly fire, but if both the ponies would just stand there doing nothing, they'll eventually get hit.



" You definitely need to see a doctor."

the Pegasi would try as hard as she can to lift nimbus and carry her to the hospital.

" Stay awake okay! Uhm okay uhhh, my name's Cozy Glow so now tell me your name, where are you from? Food you like to eat? What were you doing there? Who's this friend of yours?"

eventually, as Cozy tries to make the stallion busy and awake, they'd end up at the hospital and was able to be treated.

( You may choose what the doctor conclude to the patient.)

as the doctor finish their check with the stallion Cozy Glow would enter his room and check up on him.

" So how are you?"



derpy would stay quiet for a while, and try to remember her and to recollect her memories.

"... I don't know you? HELP!!!"

 then a stallion would barge in the room.

" Love! I have come as quick as possible! What seems to be the proble- and who are you?" The stallion asked the intruder.

The stallion was an earth pony with brown mane and fur, with an hour glass for a cutie mark.

" I don't know Doc, but when I was rudely woken up, she was already there! She kept on telling me I know her and she lives in Ponyville... I have never seen her before though!?" Derpy worriedly said.

" IdGads! How where you able to enter our home without even tripping a single alarm on my house? That's impossible! Not even a mice can enter my domain without me knowing of it?" The Doctor seems quite intrigued and considered you of interest rather than an intruder.

"... I don't get what's happening..." Derpy would confusingly ask.




Flurry heart would ponder on the story and information that Glory has given to her. 

" I'm sorry... But it's quite hard to believe your stories that you've given to me. I've never heard of your race and land at all. True that we haven't explored the whole entirety of Equestria... But that said, is still hard to believe. Although.... 

I know a very wise pony who could help sort this things out. If you don't mind, would you like a tour of Ponyville on the way to the School of friendship? The head mare there is wise and powerful, one can say her knowledge and power rivals an alicorn." Flurry heart bragged.




" No problem at all! But it would be hard to not know your name stranger?" Apple Bloom would wittingly ask.

"Anyway you hungry? Tired? Why not take a seat, while I make you sometin to eat?" Apple Bloom would start to prepare Pan some pancakes. He'd also notice that Apple Bloom isn't looking at you when she talks or what she's doing as well. As if she was blind or something.

time would pass and she would've been done with her cooking and present you with the food.

" Now that that's done, tell me about yerself then partner?"





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Sadly for the Iffy, she did not have a concept of what a dangerous forest may look like or what creatures may lurk in the dark, for Iffy is a mare who enjoyed a lot of privilege, doomed to become a test subject ever since she was born. “Librarian's your name? I bet Miss ESQ fits you more, you can me ODT from now on. But if you want to know my REAL name, I will not hesitate to tell you, I promise!” she shattered loudly as she followed the librarian close behind her tail.


Something whizzed by Buckshot, displacing air that touches her left cheek. Her eyes shot open and glances behind. Whatever projectile that was shot at her, it was bigger than any ammo she know. The tip was a triangular-shaped iron but most of its body is wooden. It is still capable of killing, probably even posing more threat than any ammo except for shotgun rounds. Buckshot immediately rushed for her shotgun, which was laying a distance away from where she was.

If she can facehoof, she would have done so before rushing to find cover or simply fly high up. Thunder, still immobilized but protected by her power armor, looks on at the panic with a dumb look on her face “Is this what my distant ancestors do in situations like this?” she muttered to herself.


Stormlight lay on her stomach, shaking as she cower. Why is Derpy acting as if she hadn't known her? She's just as confused as the latter, which only increased when Time Turner came into the scene. He also acted as if he hadn't known her too, what is going on!?

“None of you know me?” she asked softly, trying not to provoke the two friends.


Nimbus was heavy but still light enough for Cozy to carry him. It would still left her exhausted for a while. Speaking about exhaustion, he tried to answer her questions but could no longer find the strength to speak, stuttering as he tried “T-Thunderchief is m-my...”

He was still conscious when he was taken to the hospital, where he was placed in an emergency room and Cozy was not allowed inside but a doctor was brought out to give her some explanation about Nimbus Fairwind and diagnosis.

His injuries was worse than seen from the outside. Nimbus was suffering several broke fractures, near-drowning and dry drowning. It is also mentioned that during the procedure, the stallion had coughed out a number of foreign objects from his body: glass fragments, dirt, and lot of unidentified debris. Miraculously, the operation was able to stable his condition and that he will be soon moved to another room and allowed visitors.

When Cozy enters the room, Nimbus laid on the bed. He was covered by bandages all over his body. He did not smile when he noticed her but still pleased to have other company other than doctors and nurses who occasionally come to visit him. “I don't know. I just feel empty and lost.” he spoke in a hushed voice, “It's funny that I was just in another hospital before I found myself struggling inside the body of a water.”


Glory's ears moved backward, falling flat when Flurry's statement reached them, she was new to this, this was her first time talking to a fellow ruler who is not a member of her family, let alone a bloodthirst thestral. On the other hoof, maybe she should have expected that Princess Flurry would find her history too unsettling to believe. “It does not matter if you believe or not, what is undoubtedly the most believable truth is that I am lost in your land and has nowhere to go and nowhere to go back to my kingdom; I am effectively displaced from my herd.” she closed her eyes, trying to hide the brewing emotion rising in her heart.



When his host asked a question, Pan quickly gave her a reply “I'm Pan Bloodthirst, ma'am. A proud chef working and a brother to two sisters, and offspring to the best parents in all of Thestrals!” he told her with a high sense of pride with a bit of patriotism. While he may be against war and becoming the next king of his country, not to mention the persecution, he has compassion for his country which will never be erased.

“Nah, I ate very early, but I would like to try out whatever food you have!” he said with a bright smile. He did not want to disappoint his host, Apple Bloom must have some kind of food that can only be found within her culture, “Give me all you can and I will try them all out!” his sharp fangs would briefly be seen by Apple Bloom as he spoke.

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@Windy Breeze


As the foolish mare followed the Librarian deeper into the woods.

They'd stop.

The librarian would face Iffy holding a chocker of some sort.

She would charge at iffy and shove the chocker to Iffy's neck. If the librarian would be successful, Iffy would feel the strength zapped out of her. She could not move her hooves an inch, her breathing out of phase and hard and sight dimming.

If not she would scuffle with Iffy until she could place the chocker on her neck.


~Thunder and Buckshot.~ 

The madness still continues. buckshot would've chosen to hide rather than fly up since most of the shots are shot in the air.

But one particular mare got the crowds attention. 

She would run at the center of the pandemonium and summersaults and shot 5 projectile from her hoof slingshot. The projectile would bounce around and hit the equipments of the trigger happy ponies.

As she lands from her summersault the weapons would drop at the same time.

" What the hays the meaning of this!? I left you ponies for a second and you all gone NUTS!"

Then the one in command started to reply back to the sharp shooter pony.

" Agent Sweetie Drops! We have encountered  an ODT! THEY'VE APPEARED OT OF NO WHE-YAAOUFFF!!!"  The pony would be interrupted by Sweetie Drops by being shoved off from the side.

" I'm right beside you, so stop shouting at my ear!!"

Sweetie Drops would look at the area  and would spot an armored suit and a rugged looking pony hiding from the rubbles holding something long and unique.

" Oh shoot he IS right..."

Sweetie Drops would hide and find cover and proceed to negotiate.

" Seize your firing and give up! We outnumber you and surrounded. This is your last chance to surrender!" 

Sweetie Drops declared.



" what a strange and awkward predicament we have here, Come! We must educate ourselves from this and uncover the truth! To the lab!" The stallion would exit and charge through another room which seems to be the lab.

Derpy would try to stare at you, "..... Well, what are we waiting for? To the lab!:muffins:

Derpy would grab Storm light and guide her along. 

She would then be introduced to the Doc's lab... 

It has a lot of zappy bubbling instruments and lots of weird lever.

The deck would care less about your private space and starts putting instruments on your hoof and head without your consent.

" Now tell us your story!" The Doc excitingly asked.



Cozy would come close and try to comfort the lonely stallion.

" It's best to stay positive so you'd get healed fast you know?" She smiled.

But Cozy got worried from what Nimbus just experienced.

" Can you tell me more on what happened to you? If it's of course... Fine with you that is." 



Flurry heart can feel the pain Glory is having and would come near her.

" Please if it's alright, may I offer you a hug? I assure you, you will feel better."

If she agrees. Flurry Heart would glow as she Hugs her and a healing effect and calm and ease would flow through her body.

" It is my ability to heal the wounds of ones heart. I hope it helped even if it's little." 

Come let us not waste more time so I can introduce you to Starlight Glimmer.

They would head through Ponyville first before reaching the School of friendship. There she'd be introduced to a colorful world of the ponies, where the world is at peace and harmony. 

And at the Entrance of the School they'd be greeted by grace, elegance and unity. 

The design, maticulous and calculated. The beauty, uncomparable and the students, a Mish mash of different, creatures.

But one thing cought both their eyes as they enter.

They spotted an earth pony wearing some kind of weird get up... Very quite unique, and it seems she's with the new librarian.... Heading to the forest.

" Huh... Must be a new student? I'll have to be acquainted with her some time. Anyway shall we continue the tour?"



Apple Bloom gladly made some of her best pies and pancakes for Pan. Apple Bloom did not budge from Pan Showing his fangs as if she didn't see it at all, But his introduction bugged her.

" I see... Pan Bloodthirst?.... Thestrals? Ahhh... I see." Apple Bloom would ponder and worry from Pan's introduction.


" I don't mean to be rude but... It's best you keep your identity a secret." 

" If what you say is true, then i think it's best that you stayed here at the barn with a different identity." 

" You should hide your wings and play as an earth pony for now on and have a different name and identity. You're an earth pony, one of the apple family...  Your new name is Apple Pan."

" I'm sorry but it's kinda hard to explain your situation. But one things for sure.... If you showed you true identity here... You will be killed."




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Glory nodded and allowed herself to be pulled into a gentle hug. It reminded her of her husband hugging her after accepting his engagement. Oh, how lovely and gentlecolt he was to her when they were young and before the killings broke out.

When Flurry told her about her abilities, Glory smiled. Truly, this mare is gifted with a powerful ability to manipulate emotions coming from the heart and mind.


Glory flew with Flurry Heart for some hours just to go to a place called School of Friendship to meet with a wise mare, Starlight Glimmer. She hasn't used her bat wings for a while due to her life in the castle, she has evaded several assassinations on separate occasions when she left the premises of the castle. For her, it was refreshing to use her wings despite the strain of flying for miles. And when she looked down.


Compared to her kingdom, the land below her is vibrant. There were no scars of war, just peace, and harmony, something which is only just a distant dream when you live in her nation.

When they arrived at a settlement where the school of friendship is located, Glory stared in awe at the numerous houses and their equine residents. As far as she could tell, some have horns, wins, and those who have none, but none of them are like Flurry, who has both wings and a horn. As long she observed the locals who don't have to worry about being invaded, Glory felt very jealous. It was this kind of life her subjects, her family, and everypony in the Thestral kingdom deserves to have, and not fighting over misconceptions and discrimination. If only they can peacefully end the conflict with words instead of swords and bloodshed. If only...

She was amazed by the architecture of Flurry Heart's kingdom once more, this time by the lavender exterior of the School of Friendship, which was built beside a mountain. The entrance door of the school was between two small waterfalls which provides water to the pond surrounding the building. Glory's attention was not broken when Furry mused about the librarian and a clothed earth pony mare entering the Everfree Forest.

“Your kingdom...you have a wonderful kingdom, Flurry." She spoke to the young princess, not taking her eyes off the school.



When the librarian stopped, Iffy stopped. Why did Miss ESQ stop? Mmm, was it probably because she did not her new name? “Mm? Why did you stop, Miss ESQ- huh?”

What Iffy does not expect to happen is ESQ turning around and rushing at her with some odd round item in her mouth. ESQ did not even give her much time to react before putting on the mentioned item on Iffy's neck. The stable dweller opened her to speak, but when she tried, she suddenly felt a sudden sharp spike of something from the item, traveling throughout her body in milliseconds. Iffy only managed to let out a pained yelp before collapsing to her ground, her unconscious body kicking on the ground for a while before going still.


Pan's smile turned into a frown, worry replacing his casual attitude. “Huh? What do you mean?” he is certainly not within the territory of the Loyalists as no ponies like Apple Bloom ever live in his kingdom even before the war, let alone the houses the mare lived in. What was this new danger he has to avoid? Was it because of his high status again? “What's going on, Miss Bloom? Is someone out there trying to look for me with Ill intentions?”


Buckshot narrowed her eyes “Hey, it's not my fault that I'm defending myself from you trigger happy ponies. I did everything I was told to do and tried surrendering, but some (Censored) thought my surrender isn't worth a (Censored) to keep me alive!” she yelled back her reply.

This time, Thunder decided to back up with the mare's statement, knowing what happened and that everyone who doesn't know the truth deserves to know the truth “Some of your soldiers decided to open fire at a disarmed individual despite her compliance to surrender. The mare with me hasn't fired her weapon, only retrieving it to defend herself just in case she has to. If you want us to surrender without causing a fight, you must act more diplomatic than this!” she added. If she could just walk up to the mare and offer her hoof...ugh, why can't this be simple? “And I am going to say this again: I don't pose any threat to anyone, and i need help. I can't move a (Censored) limb because my power armor is deactivitated!”


Stormlight look with awe at the room, she had not seen Time Turners lab before, let alone aware of its existence. She turns her attention to Time Turner, confusion coming back.

“I don't know what's happening but I guess I had to give you two a reintroduction. i'm Stormlight, I was originally from Vanhoover before I moved to Canterlot when I was send to study in Canterlot Academy, then I moved to live in Ponyville along with my best friend, Ire Heaven. I worked for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, I can list off the names of the workers who live here in Ponyville if you want to. I guess...” Stormlight made sure to reveal all information about her life in Ponyville, which is spoken in her next set of statements, “Other than Iree, I have a few friends. They also live in Ponyville: Writer Rhyme, Windy Breeze, and Moonlight Starburst.”


Nimbus gave Cozy a smile of his own in response to hers. He had thinking about Thunderchief, his squad, friends, and family aince arriving at the hospital before the her arrival. He was worried for them, and he is wondering where the hay he is now as he could not recognize the hospital.

His smile dropped when Cozy asked him to tell her what happened to him. “I don't know” there was a tone of uncertainty in his voice, “It started off like any other day, everypony was about their business, foals walking to their school; I was heading to Shorebreeze Academy, a place where we teach pegasi a lot of acrobatic tricks, and where I hang out and spend time with my squad and Thunderchief. Then—” his expression tightened slightly, grimacing, “me and my squad are all gathered at the meeting room, discussing some important topics before class started for the trainees we were supposed to teach whoen the building started to shake. There were cracks everywhere, on the floor, wall, all the way up to the ceiling. Dust are falling, and one of my squadmates, Speedy Skies, was knocked out by a falling part of the ceiling. I told my other squadmates to take her to the hospital. Me and Thunderchief decided to evacuate the whole building. The shake ended 15 minutes later.

“When the shaking stopped, we finally saw the extend of the damage. It turns out the school wasn't the only one shaking, the whole town was apparently affected by the shaking. No structure doesn't show signs of damage, everything suffered structural damage. I had to check on my parents. I met up with Thunderchief at the hospital, told me a lot of ponies were injured but no deaths are reported so far. I...” he suddenly paused, falling silent for a seconds before continuing, “I-I asked her about Speedy's condition and she said her condition is stable. That was the last time I remembered before finding myself struggling within water.”


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@Blitz Boom @Windy Breeze sorry I accidentally placed blitz boom and my phone won't allow me to delete his name:muffins:



" Please you misdirect your praise towards me. It was through love, kindness and friendship of my grandmother, mother and my aunt, who made this land prosper. While I did some of my fare share, I could not fathom to equal what they have done. But I will pass your appreciation to them."

They would pass the halls and be greeted by dragons, Gryphons, Changelings and many more creatures. The playground full of creatures that play with no care in the world with different races, no fear but only joy.

As they eventually reach their destination Flurry Heart would prepare Glory for the introduction.

" Now that we're at the entrance of the head mare's office, are you ready to meet and greet her? I'm sure her wisdom would definitely help you."

Without further ado Flurry Heart would knock at the door and open it.

" Good afternoon head mare, Starla-AIT!?" The alicorn's composure and grace was broken, for she was greeted with a disheveled room and an earth pony with a weird get up and some kind of collar on her neck laying down on the head mare's table, and Starlight was there examining her.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Flurry panicingly questioned.

"Flurry Heart, come in quickly and close the door!"

Flurry was stunned and couldn't move.

" Tsk..." 

The Head mare would cast her magic to grab and drag both Flurry Heart and Glory and close the door from behind.


" I'm sorry for dragging you both in to this, but there has been an incident in the campus and I don't want an issue or panic to spread..." 



Iffy is stiff as a twig and her senses are going dull. She could only see and hear bits and pieces of what's going on.

".....ssion comple.... .... .... Transport... ... ..rget....."

Then a powerful spell erupted beside the Librarian, and a mare unicorn appeared.

" ....ead mare star.... ...mmer! Please understa... .... ...... This for the greater good of Equ....!" 

Then ZAP! The unicorn casts a spell upon the librarian and starts to turn into stone.

The unicorn would start to approach you but your senses starts to fail you and drift to sleep.

" Hang in there...~~~~~~......"





"I believe you don't belong in this world. Your considered an Oddity here, Other Dimensional Trespasser. And there's an organization out there hunting you trespassers."

She would then stay silent and her ears would twitch in all kinds of directions her hooves stood still on the floor.

She would rush towards Pan and placed some working clothes on him and covered his wings.

" Remember what I told you? you are  Apple Pan an Earth pony and we are distant cousins."

*Knock knock*

" Is everything alright in there Miss Apple Bloom?" A voice came out from the otherside.

"Shhhhhh....." She told Pan.

"What's the meaning of this? I didn't invite no Agents in our farm!? You know that you folks need my consent before entering here remember!"

Apple Bloom shouted and demanded towards the intruder.

A very unexpected side of Apple Bloom could be seen.

" Please Miss Bloom we're only here on your behalf, since we detected a drop site of ODT near your farm."

 Apple Bloom would open the door and grab the agent from the neck.

" Look here do you think I can't take care of maself because I'm blind!? You should worry about yerself more than me... You should worry more about the ODT meeting me instead." 

She would try to look the pony in the eye , but would miss an inch since she's blind.

She would then proceed to lift the agent from his neck with only one hoof, and throw him quite a distance.

" Iyaaa!!!! I hate my job!!!"

Slam! Right Into a bucket.

The Agent would proceed to wobble away from the farm and never to be seen again.

"What're you looking at?" She'd say towards Pan and act seriously for a second, then would proceed to giggle and laugh. 

" Was my actin good er what?"



~~~Buckshot and Thunder~~~~

Agent Sweetie Drops would proceed to glare to the officer in charge of this sector and clobber him in the noggin.


"What's wrong with you lot?" She face hoofed in shame...

She'd then turn her attention towards the ODT once more. 

"Ayt let's do this one more time... Surrender now and we will surely not hurt you this time!"

Then she would proceed to command the rest of the Agents to surround them. Which buckshot could clearly see the bumbling agents trying to move secretly around him.




"Hmmm I see.....

Well my 2 conclusion is....

One, you're a lunatic and require special aid.

Or two, you are from an alternate dimension!

I hope it's two, since the later would be pretty scary and a hassle to deal with."

He would then check the data and see that her brain was in check and no damages in it as well. Pulses seem to tell she says the truth and she seems to have no injuries.

" Welp your story checks out... Fascinating.... How bout this? You can stay with us while we figure out how we can help you, while you tell me about your world! What technologies can your dimension unfold for us! This is quite exciting!"

But then Derpy would interrupt the Doc. And his antics.

" Now wait just a minute Doc. If she's going to leave here, she might as well find a job. We don't want her to get stock here in this room as your guinea pig for the rest of her stay here!"

Derpy would proceed to try and look at you.

" Come with me and I'll introduce you to a friend of mine, I'm sure she'll give you a job! That way you have some bits to spend and enjoy the place! It's not fair that Doc is the only one who'll get to enjoy knowing your world, you should also enjoy this world while you are still here!" Derpy Smiled at you.

" By golly you're right! What better way to know one's culture and knowledge than to Share it! Come and let us learn!" The Doc added, and Proceed to show you around Ponyville.

Same as always, so peaceful and calm, colorfully and beautiful, different creatures in one place and at peace with each other.

Then Derpy would guide you to a mail service.

" This is the place that I was talking about. What do you think?" Derpy asked while smiling at you.




" Your story doesn't add up.... There wasn't any news of an earthquake... Could you be?" She ponders.

" I suggest you keep your story a secret for now, even your identity. This could be trouble for you...

Who else knows of this? Did you tell the doctors about this? If not you should tell them that you have amnesia or something... I have a theory, but it's quite dangerous to talk here. For now I have to leave you and talk to someone who might help us. Wait for me okay."

That night a Doctor would appear once or twice and ask you some simple questions.

Your name, age, where you leave and what happened to you.


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Glory kept her head straight as she and Flurry walked in the hallways of the school; however, she stealthy moved her pupils to eye at the different creatures who are students, all of them new to her eyes, having not met any of them before nor mentioned in any literature scrolls. It was amazing how diverse this kingdom was compared to hers, which only comprises thestrals and the ibex tribes that live in the Ibex mountains. Here? There was this bird-like creature, an insect-like creature with horns insect wings, and even this one big...furry...thing? It was really big, Glory assumes this creature lives somewhere with a cold climate due to a large number of furs on its body.

“They certainly did a wonderful job” a small smile graced her lips. If only her kingdom's previous rulers had been smart and intelligent.

They would eventually reach their destination, with Flurry the one to knock on the door, then open it. Glory was about to bow, knowing her place as an alien in an unfamiliar land when she was met by a room that appeared to have been visited by a tornado. And laying on a desk was a wingless-hornless green mare with a yellow mane as yellow as hay. The mare's eyes are closed shut and she was unconscious. She wore an article of weird blue clothing with one yellow streak and a choker on her neck. She also saw some...contraption attached to one of the mare's forelegs.A purple-horned mare was examining the unconscious green mare. From the condition of the room, it appeared some scuffle had occurred inside.

Flurry yelled with bewilderment in her voice, and Glory froze between choosing flight or fight as her response. But the horned equine did not give them any time to react, she would encase them in her magic and levitate them inside. Hearing a long bang, Glory glanced behind her to see the door closed. The horned mare would give a short explanation that gave little information about what is going on, only confirming that something happened to the unconscious mare laying on the desk on the premises of the school or somewhere around it.

In Starlight's perspective, the unfamiliar face standing beside Flurry Heart was a thestral with red sclera, wearing a silver crown and horseshoes.

Iffy Quizzy, the unconscious mare on the desk, was in a deep state of sleep. Whatever was in the choker, it was certainly designed to keep its victims unconscious for a long period. Starlight would have also noticed the small machine on her left foreleg.


Nimbus carefully crouched behind a bush, making sure he doesn't drop Twilight. He hasn't been to this town yet but it was known for being the home to the elements of harmony: This town is Ponyville, home to not only the elements but the Princess of Friendship. He almost felt the irony of hiding princess Twilight from the general public if it weren't for her being from another world.

After being asked by Shallow what to do, Silver turned his eyes to look at her, his gaze examining her body from head to tail. He frowned. “We must do something about your fish-tail- Oh, uhh, no offense, Shallow. And our Twilight as well. If what you and Blu are saying about this SMILE organization is true, taking our Twilight to the hospital is incredibly risky even before we even arrived there. He glanced at the town before turning to back to his companion, “We must not stand out from the general public if we don't want to be caught. I only had to take my armor off then I'm just like any other pony they would see wandering about, except if this town is too small. Our major problem is both you and Twilight easily stand out of the crowd." His horn flared to life, a green aura envelopes Twilight and she was gently settled down on the ground. Silver paused at the sight of his saddlebag sporting a few blood smears before opening it, “Ah, there they are." He took out not only one but FOUR coin purses. Silver emptied the other three of their bits before proceeding to fill the other, “I hope the Generosity bearer doesn't mind making a simple cloak...” he muttered to himself.


Another...dimensional trespasser? Pan couldn't find a hoof of whatever she is trying to say with those foreign words. What he can understand, fortunately, and unfortunately for him, is being hunted down by an organization for being a trespasser. Trespassing what?

Applebloom's answer to this mental question is to dress him in some kind of...pheasant's clothing and coining him the name 'Apple Pan'. She told him everything about his new identity, that he was Apple Pan and is a distant cousin of hers. He can feel his wings pressed against his sides by the clothing which does not have holes for his wings.

He was about to ask her what was going on when he was interrupted by the knocks on the front door. Judging from Apple Bloom's action of shushing him, it was probably not good. He decided to move out somewhere where he will not be seen through the front door or any of the windows in the room. His ears would catch a tiny conversation before turning into what he presumed to be a one-sided argument. It ended with a yell from whoever was outside.

Hearing the door being closed, he returns to Apple Bloom, staring at her.


Now, it's not the time to get into a scuffle with the same here who took care of a pony alone using a less diplomatic, yet unharmful option. He was visibly shaken when she spoke to him, only relaxing she laughed and gave him a more comfortable question.

“Well, uh, yeah, you really sound intimidating when you raise your voice" he answered nervously. “Who was at the door?”


Rolling her eyes, Buckshot tossed her shotgun to the nearest unicorn worker. She's getting tired of this diplomatic thing. Even before becoming a raider when she was still earning as a caravan guard, diplomacy was a no, no to her unless, that kind of stuff is up to the merchants she's protecting. “Does that answer enough for you?” she asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She knew what they were doing. What? Is she going to act all stupid and brainless? The most logical decision to make in this situation is to surrender and hope for the best they would give you atleast a few hours to regret every poor decision she has done in her life before saying goodbye to the living world and greeting the afterlife.

Thunder said nothing, the immobilized pegasus mare lay silently in her power armor.


Stormlight was noticeably hurt when Turner assumed that she was a fool, but it quickly faded when his second theory is that she may be a time traveler. Stormlight is not a believer in time traveling but she did hear her friends discuss time-traveling several times...including times when they expressed their hidden desires to someday be able to achieve time traveling to change their past. She ignored his other statement, feeling it wasn't worth it to be stored in her brain.

Stormlight was beginning to feel butterflies in her stomach when Time Turner began to express his desire to know more about her world, fortunately, Derpy came to her rescue, saying Stormlight needed some job if she were to stay here. Already, Stormlight expressed her wish to get a position in the Cloudsdale Weather Factory but decided to find out whatever this other job was. You know you can't deny when your host is all kind and sweet to you, just like the Derpy she came to know.

She was taken outside of their home, and Stormlight already recognized Ponyville. There was some difference but she couldn't put a good of what it was.

Was she really in the same Ponyville where she and Ire moved into? The town looks the same but it was...different

Soon, they arrived at the town's postal office. Stormlight knew this is where Derpy worked as the town's courier. And here, she realized this was going to be her new job.

“Well, this did appear to be as easy as pushing a cloud. I'm up to getting this job, I guess,” she replied.


It was too fast...too fast. His mind was having difficulty processing his newfound information. Nimbus' confusion grew. However, he knew had to listen to her. At the same time, lying to a doctor with serious injuries is tough and he wouldn't easily get away from hiding his identity. He would eventually be questioned sooner. He can't escape his situation; he was trapped.

Still, that doesn't mean he has to be suspicious of every doctor and nurse who come inside his room to check on him. He did not want to be suspicious and concerned until the right time comes. And boy, it did come.

Name, age, where he lives, and how did he got all those injuries.

“Stormy Showers, 25 year old, and I live in Manehatten,” why choose Manehatten? A big population meant a slow progress of trying to find 'Stormy Showers' family, “I live with my father a younger brother. My mom...she...passed away five years ago.”

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@Windy Breeze

~Glory~(safe route)

"Flurry!" Starlight said with a raised voice to grab the shocked Flurry Heart.

" I need you to be alert right now. That only needs our help, okay?"

Flurry would nod in agreement.

Seeing that Starlight has grabbed her attention she would continue.

" I would like you to continually heal the mare while I extract the contraption on her neck, since that device is the cause of her illness. I would be done it alone but the device was complexly made so no magic or anyone dares to escape it could easily remove the damned thing!" Starlight said with frustration.

" I understand head mare, I will do my part and assist you." Flurry worriedly replied.

The extraction was quick, it only took a minute. This would make Flurry heart wonder why she was even needed?

" Forgive my curiosity but why ask my help, Head Mare? You can easily cast five spells at the same time with ease."

The head mare would then sit down on her chair and rest a bit, and reply.

" Actually it's ten spells at the same time with ease." She gloated.

" Anyway... It's because I'm actually casting 5 continuous spells at the moment, so I was actually at my limit."

Flurry Heart would get worried and alarmed at what the head mare is doing to herself.

" Surely you jest! This way of treating yourself is quite careless, and why do you need to cast 5 spells at the same time constantly, that you neglect your health? you should rest Head Mare."

Flurry heart would try to hug Starlight glimmer as to help her tired body to recuperate and be relaxed. But the Head Mare would lift her hoof between them and commanded.

" STOP!" The Princess instantly stopped as if a spell was casted upon her.

"I'm sorry Flurry Heart, but it's important... I promise once I'm done I'll rest, but for now I have to prioritize my responsibilities."

The Princess could only accept the decision of the mare she respected and sadly agree to her.

"...if you wish... Starlight Glimmer..."

She would then turn her attention to Glory who was patiently waiting to be noticed.

" Forgive me, for today was not a good day at all. I'd love to have a much more proper introduction to each other when the time is right. But for now, my name is Head Mare, Starlight Glimmer. The one who watches over the School of Friendship."



~ Iffy~ (saved route)~

 At some point, Iffy would end up waking from her sudden slumber. Introduced to three new ponies...


~Silver~( hidden route)~ 

" You know I could just hide in your shadow?" Shallow Shade would proceed to phase out into Dust and hide within Silver's Shadow.

" Now lets head to the Hospital, get some food and a map. We don't want to leave Blu too long in the woods."

They proceed to head to the Emergency room of the Hospital, and was immediately attended by the staff there.

" What seems to be the emergency sir?"

The nurse asked with urgency.



~pan~(acting route)~

" He was one of my subordinates..." She sadly replied. 

" I'm sorry if I forced you to wear something uncomfortable, and force you to hide yourself. Anyway you're welcome to stay here and call it your home if you wish to stay."



~Buckshot and Thunder~(trapped route)~

" Thank you for your cooperation, the targets have SURRENDERED. DO NOT SHOOT THE ODTs."  Agent Sweetie Drops shouted at her subordinates, to avoid doing a repeat of the previous mishaps.

An agent would attempt to put a hoof cuffs on Buckshot quite carelessly.

While the rest is baffled at how to arrest thunder.

" Excuse me pony in the machine... If you have surrendered, please leave from your, uhm, armor."

Only one pony would try to cuff Buckshot while the rest is curious with Thunder's outfit.


~Stormlight~(Flight route)~

" Finally I've got a junior to work with!" Derpy Hooves gleefully rejoiced.

She would then hug you.

Now let me introduce you to the Mail Chief, Thought Sender.

As they enter the post office, it was quite soothing and calm. Ponies there seems to be in no rush in their work and the line of costumers are few to none.

" Not only is the work is easy, the pay is quite good too!" Derpy bragged.

She would then knock at the office of chief and barged in.

" GOOD MORNING CHIEF! I'VE FINALLY FOUND MY JUNIOR!" Derpy barged in and yelled.

"...... You're on day off remember Derpy?"

The shocked chief replied.

" Chief! Hire her!" She demanded.

The chief would look at Storm light and question her.

" She's not forcing you is she?" The Chief asked.



~nimbus~ ( interrogation route)~

" Hmmm...." The Doctor would look at you from head to hoof on your bed. He'd flash his flash light at your eyes and check for your reaction. Press on your body to see any reaction.

Your head, hooves, and stomach, checking for pain.

".... You seem to have left one of my questions... Perhaps you didn't here that part? Are you having any headaches? Again how did you get your injury? 

Please tell me if you are up to some question or perhaps you need more rest?"

The doctor questioned.










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Nimbus would instinctively blink from the sudden bright light hitting his eyes. He did not like the doctor's action but did not complain. He was more knowledgeable about flying than medical procedures, it could be possible this is regularly done to patients and he is ignorant about it. you will get away without suspicion if he knew what he is facing; answering blindly will only result in whatever fate is awaiting him at the end of the finish line.

“I can feel pain in different parts of my body: my back, chest, head, and legs. But they are more tolerable now thanks to your colleagues”

As he speaks, he tries to look for anything unusual about the doctor, searching for anything out-of-place that may suggest spying. After all, it's better safe than sorry.


Starla, or Starlight, as Glory assumed due to Flurry's incomplete greet earlier, told Flurry that she needed her help with the unconscious mare, begging to heal and take off the choker on her neck, which was revealed to be the reason why is mare is unconscious. The problem with the choker is designed, or magically designed to lock to the neck; it comes with great difficulty to remove by the victim as well as to those who tried removing it. She hoped the last guess does not apply to the item.

The removal of the choker took them less than three minutes, freeing Iffy from whatever magic is in the item, and the sleep's restraint.

Glory silently listens as Flurry and Starlight continue their conversation, smiling when the two huddled in a hug. The headmare would eventually notice Glory before introducing herself.

“Back in my kingdom, we never had any meetings with figures from the outside of our territories. I am Queen Glory Bloodthirst, mare to King Silver Shield 'Silverblade' Bloodthirst of the Thestral Kingdom, and a proud mother to three foals,” Glory gave Starlight a bow, “It is a pleasure to be in the presence of a wise mare, Doamna Glimmer (Doamna is a Romanian version for 'Ms' honorific title.)


Silver scrunched his face with disbelief but he came to accept Shallow's ability very quickly. He was still worried considering Twilight's resemblance to the...other...Twilight. He hopes no one would see the image. “I got a lot of questions, but I'll set them aside for now. Let's roll.”

Before coming out of hiding, Silver decided to take off his armor out of caution.

Stepping out of the shadows of the trees was like trying to talk into a field of nails and thorns. He paused to look at passerbys and see if they noticed his entrance out of the forest and their reaction; no one seems to mind or they haven't noticed him. Good. Silver  casually walks into town.

After asking for directions to a few locals, he, Shallow, and Twilight arrived at Ponyville hospital, a three-story building. He went inside acting as if in panic.


Having put some of the hospital staff about an emergency, doctors and members of the emergency room staff took Twilight off Silver's back and brought her inside the ER room while one of the doctors decided to give questions to Silver.

“A tree branch fell on her,” Silver told the doctor, “she was knocked off and I'm concerned what damage she might have took by the impact.”


Surface power armors were heavier compared to the ones used by pegasi and the Grand Pegasus Enclave. However, both, if disabled by an a grenade designed to disable robots and power armor, would trap their uses inside with little chance of getting out. Thunder Light did not want to starve inside while ponies surround her trying to think a way of removing her from her armor. Her eyes would look at Buckshot's direction with jealously as the unicorn is being managed by a single pony. Lucky her. If only her superiors bothered to teach her how to remove the power armor and not just the helmet. she did remember in order to wear the armor, the back should be opened, allowing the user to lower themselves into the power armor. She is not sure how to open the back thanks to her lack of knowledge.

Meanwhile, the workers standing by the downed pegasus would notice the barbed stinger tail, the wing blades, and a strange weapon each on Thunder's sides. Fortunately for them, she wasn't hostile. If she was, it would be difficult for them to put her down.

Thunder tried to move, this time she was succesful for atleast moving one her legs an inch but did not make anymore progress beyond that. “I don't know how to remove my power armor, not its no longer functioning. But I do know how to get the helmet off” she would give them the instructions, “All of you heard that clear? Good, don't make any mistakes. Make one sloppy mistake and one of you will end up taking my head; I'm sure your superior over there is moree than displeased if that happens.”

If the workers are able to remove the helmet, they would be greeted by an attractive pale tangelo orange face of a young mare with pale crimson mane, very light cerise eyes staring at them.


“Okay?” he raised an eyebrow, unconvinced. He remember Applebloom explaining that there was a organization dedicated to hunting down...dimensional trespassers; her answer implies she is a member of said organization. He almost froze but stopped himself from showing his surprise. Even here he was not safe even if Applebloom did told him he was welcomed.

“I don't have anywhere to go, and if this organization is currently on high alert in this area, then I can't go anywhere,” he let a chuckle, a chuckle not because of amusement, but a memory which reminded him of what happened to him and his family back before they become rulers, “It's funny because me and my family werence refugees, hunted down because of a senseless rumor that drove the whole kingdom into trying to wipe us out; now it's happening again.”

He fell on his flank “because I became a trespasser even if i did no fault to deserve it.”


The sudden hug spook Stormlight, but the poor mare would find herself I'me to move until Derpy finally let go of her. She immediately shot the ditzy pegasus a smile though it came out differently than she intended.

Stormlight would find herself stepping the office of a pony she also recognized. When asked by Thought Sender, she replied “I guess not but she did recommend me to work her as I need to find a job to earn some bits.” so she can start a new life without her friends. It was a dreadful thought that lingered in Stormlight's life. Here, she is in Ponyville, her identity reduced to nothing and now she has to start from scratch to get a new home and bits for herself without the support of her friends, and if they do exist, would they recognize her? 

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@Windy Breeze

~ nimbus~

" Ahh I see, no memory lose I hope? Anyway I'm sure you'll feel better by tomorrow. But if not don't be afraid to ask assistance. Just press that red button right beside you and a nurse will come and aid you."

As Nimbus surveiled the doctor, he could see anything out of the ordinary. He has a doctor's coat, some papers, a pen, a stethoscope, and a weird ornament on his collar.

If Nimbus has no further Questions the Doctor would check some of the medical equipment on you and beef his farewell.


~Glory and Iffy~

Starlight Glimmer was fascinated by Glory, not only are bat ponies rarely seen but she is somewhat of a different breed.

" Fascinating..." She replied.

" Glory Bloodthirst... Thestral kingdom.... You definitely don't belong in this world, unless your kingdom is quite small that  we didn't see it? Sorry I'm just assuming... Since the School of Friendship has successfully mapped the whole Equestria already, about 95% I presume? Tell me how did you both meet?" Starlight questioned.

Flurry heart would volunteer to tell the whole story to Starlight Glimmer on how Glory and her met, which intrigued the Head Mare.

" I see. I guessed right on you being a creature from another world... This is quite a problem... " Starlight worriedly said."

"Both of you listen. I've been  observing the movements of the SMILE Agency  since the start of Princess Twilight cancelling ties with them and the complete closure of the project.

Apparently they stayed and layed low until a few years ago... Their numbers started to grow and their influence as well. Of course I wouldn't just stand there and do nothing. I was able to gather information and it seems like they've been capturing anything that doesn't belong in this world, they call them Other Dimensional Trespassers, or ODT for short. At first they where just apprehending them, but as months past they've become aggressive and dangerous, they've manage to even recruit my best teachers in this school and they haven't been the same ever since they've joined that rotten Agency." She scowled.

Flurry Heart would be shocked at the revelation and would ask. " No, don't tell me it's the CMC!? So that's the reason why they where kicked out of the School!"

" Yes... And I've never heard of them ever since..."

Starlight would then focus herself to Glory.

" Now I have enough proof to make an action against them, would you please help me convince the others to stop the SMILES Violence against the ODT? You see the mare over there that we just saved? She's just like you an ODT to SMILE. Do not worry, for you are safe in this building, you may stay here and be one of our valued guests. Same as her as soon as she wakes up that is. I'd like both of you to get along as well, so if you don't mind, would both of you be okay to sleep in one roof? A dorm mate as they say."

It seems that Glory and Iffy have found a place to stay, but with a couple of conditions.




"That's very unlucky of her."

The nurse would start to jot down notes and asked for more info, but as soon as the nurse looked up the pony he was talking to was gone.

".... What? Where did they go?"....


Shallow Shade swallowed Silver whole into the shadow and spat him out somewhere. If Silver has Motion sickness he'd really feel the sudden motion. 

Silver was transported to somewhere near a mini Mart of some kind.

" Okay let's go grab a map and some food." We don't want Blu to wait for us... I'm sure he'll be cranky."

Small talk would pop in and out as they buy stuff from the grocery store and walking back to the sanctuary.

( You can ask anything with Shallow Shade.)

 As they've reached the Sanctuary, a commotion is already happening!

A giant purple bear as large as the trees is in the Sanctuary while they see Blu fleeing from the scene heading towards Ponyville.

" We need to distract that monster!" Shallow Yelled as she charged towards the purple beast.



~Thunder and Buckshot~

 One of the stallion was love strucked at her beauty and would proceed to talk to you.

" Wow... I mean ahmm what you're name beautifOUCH!" Sweetie Drops would cut in and clobber the stallion.

" Get back to work! Excuse him... He hasn't seen a mare for years.... Anyway let me see your contraption for a bit. "

sweetie Drops observed your armor and started tugging it. She started yanking you off from your head, tried lifting your hooves and then started standing at your back.

" Hmm I see a weak spot in your armor, not too shabby, but easy to dismantle."

Little did Thunder know that the Sharp shooter Sweetie Drops is also  an Ace Mechanic.

She would start to shot at your back. It took her 20 rounds and the armor starts to fall into peaces.

" No armor can withstand me... Remember that filly."  She said in a cool awesome pose into the sunset.

 The Guards where also able to apprehend Buckshot and brought her near Sweetie Drops.

Buck shot and Thunder can finally see each other face to face.

"Now gals, here's a proposition for you... You can rot in the cellars for the rest of you life or you could work for me?"

One of the workers started to question this proposition and was against it.


The rude stallion was hit at the head by a rubber bullet and incapacitated him.

" You talk when I say you talk." 

She would then look at both Thunder and Buckshot.

" So you're in or not?... You have permission to speak."



~" Pan"~

Apple Bloom would approach the stallion and feel sorry for him. 

" I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hide anything about me, but I also don't want you to run away... I promise you you'll be safe here."

Apple Bloom would then gently try to touch Pan in the face and starts to feel his whole face from his ears to his chin.



" If that's the case then you're hired."  Thought Sender then grabs a form and handed it to her.

" Sign here and you start tomorrow." He pan dead said towards the pegasi, while Derpy on the side crying like a mom seeing her filly graduating or something.






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Nimbus was not sure how to respond to that question. In fact, it felt like he should think deeper what explaination he should give to the doctor without being busted the next day. Nevertheless, he doesn't have much time “I think so?” it was an unsure reply. Nimbus hoped the doctor would buy his explanation. He then remember one thing, “Can you bring the pegasus who took me in to this hospital tomorrow? I feel the need to express my gratitude.“


“My kingdom was indeed small; the previous rulers planned to expand into unclaimed territories before 'shifting their eyes at us'” she emphasized the phrase with a grim tone in her voice, meaning whatever she meant is too unpleasant to be brought up, although it proved to be useless when Flurry Heart would brought informations about Glory and her kingdom. The Queen of Thestral Kingdom would raise a brow at Flurry and a small frown of slight disagreement. It was easily forgotten when Starlight expressed worries for the Bloodthirst Thestral and she has good reason why, and what Glory heard sent shivers  to her bones and made her legs tremble. Starlight told them that an influencial organization ironically named SMILE did not like...outsiders to their world; this world. Apparently, they started off as a small organization, probably a small group, then they grew in numbers by recruiting more until they grew so big they have become influencial to places they are present in. It reminded Glory of the Loyalists who wants to take back the Capital city to put the previous rulers back to their throne and continue the genocide. SMILE is even able to recruit one of the school's teachers, much to Starlight's rage. Glory frowned. Even here, death followed her, wanted nothing more than to take her soul. Fortunately for her, she was in safe hooves. It is also revealed the unconscious mare was an outsider just like her.

Glory was curious who was this CMC-they to be precise.

“I am forever in your debt, Doamna Glimmer. I do not know what a dorm is but I have no problem living with a stranger under the same roof as long as they do not pose a threat to me” Glory replied.


Thunder did not allow her emotion to spill out at seeing the earth pony mare smacked the stallion, although she did want to. Laughing was a rarity to her ever since leaving Cloudhaven. On the other hoof, there is nothing wrong for a stallion to be interested with a mare...as long as they did not took their interest to a dark level of 'excitement'.

Remember what she said to the workers about trying to not any mistake? Well, the cream mare took it to literally pulling Thunder's head as if it was effective to decapitate her than freeing her in one piece. The earth pony was not finished, and 'tortured' her some more just to find more ways to get her off the power armor, even going as far as to stood on her armored back; it does not hurt but Thunder did not like being disrespected.

So when the mare announced she has found a weak spot, Thunder's flicked with curiosity. She was abour to lecture her on the structure and design of her power armor when the mare begin...shooting her? Thunder a squeak out and her body trembled by the first few shots — besides, fear is a powerful emotion that even the most happiest pony would be reduced to a ball of shaking fur — then she realized she is still alive and she couldn't feel metal hugging her body, not mention she can now move.

Hearing the smug voice of the perpetrator, Thunder turns her head to the pale sandy yellow earth pony mare with dark blue mane with a hot pink streak. Sweetie Drops, which Thunder deduced is the name of this agent, was able to dismember a thick and tough power armor. How? that should not be possible, how did she do it? Her shock faded away when her ears caught the voice of the raider pony, who was being the led to them.“

“Using your looks to charm yourself out of this, horse-meat-in-a-can?” Buckshot smirked, apparently trying to lighten up the mood even for atleast for a few seconds.

“Sounds tempting. But I wouldn't dream of that.” came Thunder's nonchalant reply.

their little friendly moment was brought to an end, when Sweetie Drops gave them two decisions which apparently did not sound fair: join, or be locked in some cellar and waste away. Thunder was caught off-guard by this, she would expected to be detained knowing she was a soldier; not to mention her previous hostilities between the raider mare moments after finding themselves in an unfamiliar place, but to be confined until death wasn't one of the scenarios playing in her head. She was not the only one who have this thoughts playing in her head. Obviously, Buckshot wouldn't be very happy about their predicament. Fortunately, Thunder spoke before the raider could spat out profanities, “How do we work for you?”


Stormlight took the form and begin filling while trying her best not to be distracted by Derpy's tears of happiness and Thought Sender's stare which she found uncomfortable. She eventually finishes and gives the form to Sender “I'm done, sir Sender.“ she shyly replied.

In the form, it would reveal information about Stormlight: She was a mare in her early 20's who was raised in Vanhoover before moving to Ponyville, her previous work position was working in Cloudsdale Weather Factory, and her guardian was Ire Heaven. Sender had apparently hired an outsider, a mare who was not a local to Ponyville.


Pan is not bothered when Applebloom touched his face, closing his eyes which was his only sign of reaction. He really hope his family is safe.


Silver was more shaken than nauseous, his body shaking as he stood up. He glared at Shallow “You could have told me you would do that.“ he chastised her.

As they enter the mart, Silver would look, checking aisles one by one while conversing with his companion “So, what was life back at your world?” he questioned.


As it turns out, and obviously, mas are not sold in grocery stores but they are able to buy food, Silver did not mind missing out the map for now as they have to go back to Blu.

Trouble was brewing. When Silver saw their othsr companion gallop to the direction of Ponyville without anything to conceal his appearence and identity, he knew something must have forced him to come out of hiding. And there it was, a giant bear larger than a two-story cottage invading the Sanctuary. Earlier, Silver recovered his armor along with the sword, which is now levitating in a green aura; the blade was still covered in zombie blood as Shallow had forgotten to clean it “That is huge!” he turned to Shallow, “it's too big, we have to retreat!”

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@Windy Breeze


" Hmmm I see." The doctor replied to his question.

As Nimbus asked for his rescuer, a frown and dismay is painted on the doctor's face.

" Cozy Glow?... It may not be my business but I suggest you stay away from that demon. I'll ask somepony to do it then. That is if there is someone who'd do it." The doctor would finish his notes and quickly leave you on your own.

Now it's just Nimbus and the cold lonely atmosphere of the room.


~ Glory and Iffy~

Flurry Heart would apologize to Glory for her actions.

" I'm sorry that I told your story, but I believe telling the truth to Starlight is a must in your situation. The more Starlight trusts you the better."

As Glory give her thanks to her, Starlight in return would give thanks to her as well.

" Not at all Queen Glory. For you can help me to put a stop to the SMILE Organization. But for now, it's getting dark. We shall place you and the earth pony to your rooms. You do not mind assisting them Princess Flurry Heart?"

She asked the princess.

" Not at all head mare." She replied.

Flurry Heart would proceed to cast a levitate spell to the sleeping mare and guide the queen to her new bed chamber.

( Small talk may be done while traveling.)

As they reach their Room, the princess would open the door and present a luxurious room, fit for a VIP.

It's a huge room with 2 queen sized bed, has a matching table with fruits and a large closet. 

" Please enjoy your sleep. And if you need any assistance, or the mare would wake up, there's a red bottom at the table near the bed. Tomorrow we shall continue our talk and probably have a meeting with alot of important creatures.

But for now, rest and have a good night." 

The Alicorn would then gently close the door and bid her farewell if no further questions should arise.



~Thunder and Buckshot~

" You follow my orders and you gain freedom within 100 feet away from me." She would tap her hooves and the workers would put a chocker on you necks.

If you leave a poison would be injected into you and would cause you to sleep for 5 days... Of course you'd die in 3 days if not immediately cured.

Oh and if I die, you die too."

 The workers would then release their hoof cuffs and resume their work.

" Now come with me in my chambers, a new equipment would be given to you."




Thought Sender would give a quick read at her data and give a nonchalant smile.

" It's Nice working with you then Stormlight. A young mare like you would do great things for this company. I'll be expecting from you okay? See you tomorrow, and you to Derpy."

Derpy would just salute comically. 

The y would leave the office and Doctor Hooves would greet you.

" I believe the interview went swimmingly? If so this is a cause for celebration! What do you want to do? It's our treat for  our interdimensional friend.!"



As Apple Bloom continue to touch Pan on the face she would accidentally get pierced by Pan's fangs.

" Ouch!... Wait what? You have fangs? Arn't you a pegasi?"

The confused earth pony asked.




"I am a Shallow Shade, daughter of White Light and Shark Jäger, grand daughter of Anomaly. trainee in Fail Safe, and this is one of my first missions... And I think I'm failing... I once leaved in a beautiful world where my grandma ruled, but I was recruited by one of my father's friend. Cali, the Reaper of worlds. She saw greatness in me and recruited me... I feel shame for not finishing my quest immediately... But now I think I have a chance again." 

Shallow would then change the subject and ask you the same question. " And what about you, Silver knight? "

The Fight... 

As Silver request to retreat Shallow Shade would mock Silver.

" What's this? Retreat? Is your blade and armor for display? Surely you jest noble knight? Bahh stay there if you must and watch a Pro!"

Shallow Shade would charge towards the bear with no fear! 



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During their trip to the grocery store...

Silver chuckled “Ah, Silver Knight, one of my oldest nicknames. I'm Silver Chary, just some town guard of fair rank. There is nothing special about me before the outbreak. Most of what I do in my duty is chasing wild animals out of town and scolding prissy tourists.” Silver decided not to pry into Shallow's story, while he does understanding she is a soldier of some sort, the rest of her statement was hard to comprehend.

During the fight...

Silver physically, and mentally stumbled with surprise and indignation. Did she just insulted and called him a coward? He swallowed his pride. He did told Shallow about his regular face-off with wild animals that stumbled into Richville, but they are 'normal-sized' critters, not...this gigantous monstrosity of a predator! He's not equipped and trained to fight an animal like the one they are currently fighting. For Celestia's sake, he is a town guard, not a suicidal jumper!

Nevertheless, he did not want Shallow to fight the big bear alone.


“What?” the doctor had already went out of the room, leaving a very confused Nimbus Fairwind wondering what Cozy did to earn bad reputation with the doctor. Demon huh?

He silently snickered to himself, finding the thought of the mare who saved his life being called a demon amusingly bizzare.


Stormlight would blush, and at the same time, become nervous by Sender's compliment/ expectations for her “See you too tomorrow, sir.” came her hushed reply, smiling.

She was grateful when they finally went out of the office and finished their interview with Sender. They will be met by Timer Turner outside who was happy with the good results but Stormlight was not into crowds, “Well, i guess it went well and I got accepted. Mr. Sender told me come tomorrow.” she said calmly.


Pan was a little startled by Applebloom's hoof making contact with one his fangs “I'm a thestral, and no i'm not a green eater, I belong to the bloodthirst thestrals, a meat-eating thestral type.” he told her calmly, “Our diet is strictly meat only; anything that isn't meat we are allergic to that no matter how they smelled good or look presentive.”


Glory was pleased by Starlight's proposition “I'm intrigued of your plans, Doamna Glimmer. And I would like to hear about how I can help stop this SMILE. You will tell me once preparations is needed.” she said before leaving with Flurry, who escorts her and the unconscious mare to their chamber. Glory will not attempt to start a conversation.

Arriving at their bed chamber, Glory would stand by the door as Flurry took Iffy and placed her on a king-sized bed before she tells Glory what she needs to do including if the earth pony woke up from her sleep. She also told her there is going to be a meeting. “I'll make sure to keeo that in my head, thank you Flurry, have a pleasant night.”

After Flurry leaves, Glory flopped into the bed beside her unconscious roommate, laying on her side facing the mare. She looks at the strange contraption on the mare's left foreleg; her last thoughts was what purpose does it serve before falling into sleep.


Thunder frowned; Buckshot scowled and snorted. As much as they hated  blindly following someone's command who made the same threats to kill them and put a choker used to stop them escsping or killing the agent, this was their only way out of being killed.

Thunder would speak as they followed Sweetie Drops “We should give her bath first” she was referring to Buckshot, who was not only covered in dirt and whatever got into her coat but she smelled terribly bad. Thunder wrinkled her nose.

“You can't blame me for not taking a bath, there is no way I would take a dip in a radioactive lake or a mirelurk-infested pond.” Buckshot frowned.

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@ @Windy Breeze

~ Silver~

Shallow Shade flew towards the giant  mist bear with her black dragonfly like wings, darting from left to right to make her movements confusing and unpredictable, just like how a fly would evade.

She would easily evade and hit the target with her kicks, but eventually the giant would get angry and swing wildly hitting her on the process.

"OUGH!!! " The swing was strong enough to hurl her to a tree.


" ...,. Ouch..." She yelped with her tiny voice filled with pain.

She'd eventually crash down from the tree and hit the ground. 

Miraculously, she could still stand up and can give it another go.

" I'm gonna feel that in the morning.... Watch out Silver! I think you're right... We can't handle that thing!" Shallow warned Silver, which was a bit too late since the giant bear is now looking at him.



( Awaiting another event to finish before his story could properly proceed.)

The next day his morning was not eventful at all and is just him there stuck at the hospital, perhaps his afternoon would be less boring.



 The Hooves family would treat her for dinner, a place she requested to be quiet and not heavily populated. Small talk would occur and the night would pass calling for their time to sleep.

You where given a make shift room at the Doc's lab, since they didn't expect any sudden visitors.

The doc would just give you some advices while sleeping at the lab.

" Since you'll be sleeping here in my lab, Stormlight. There's some rules and things you need to know. Don't touch any of my equipments, some of them are still in the experimental stages, while the others are just too dangerous to use without my supervision.

Next. Don't go in the basement. You might here a banging noise or something down there... But I suggest you pay it no mind. Do not drink or eat anything inside the laboratory, that also means no eating inside the laboratory as well."

If no further questions would be asked the doctor will bid his farewell and wish you a safe and good sleep.

" Alright, I'll leave you now, so you could prepare for tomorrow. So have a well rested sleep."

Derpy would wave at you and bid farewell as well.

" See you tomorrow partner!"


But then midnight came..... 

You'd be woken by a knock on the basement.




".... Then why were you able to eat my food if you have allergies with non meat products?" Apple Bloom questioned. Which was strange since she cared more on what you ate than what you are.

She would then lick her bleeding hooves to prevent it from further bleeding out and making a mess. 


~Glory and Iffy~

The next day would come....

(You may insert a special event for iffy and glory here. If none someone would knock at the door and initiate it for you.)

A knock on the door would occur.


~thunder and buckshot~

As the two bicker. sweetie Drops would eye them and warn them from their behavior.

" You two! I demand respect and silence from you when we are out and about! Now come with me we shall bathe together, as I don't want to accidentally kill you when we are apart." She shouted so that not only does the two prisoners could here her, but also every worker out there.

" Now everyone get back to work!"

You both followed Agent Sweetie Drops to a room big enough to house a party, but this room has a large, hot and steaming  pool. The place have seen some better days though. The roof has a large hole in it that you can see the moon rising up now. The floor has cracks and some leaks, and some of the decore has a decapitated head or leg or wing or two...

" Now that we are alone, please enjoy your bath as we have much to discuss."

Sweetie drop, said in a much more calmer and nicer way, not like before with her subordinates.





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Pan raised his brow, not getting what she said, “Yes, I did ate the apples you served me-” he suddenly began coughing heavily before followed by gagging, his face turning green, “W-Where's the bathroom?” he asked through a closed mouth as he fought his best not to throw up.


Silver's eyes turns into tiny dots as he looks back at the huge bear “Oh, Mr. Scouthoof's spirit, please give me strength to win this battle.” he readied himself, pointing his sword at the beast. He was afraid but he still had a plan to avoid getting injured, or worse— die.

If the purple bear, as beautiful the night sky, decided to rush forward, he would run at it, then skid down between its legs with the sword pointed to slice the flesh above him. It might not be too effective to injure or kill the animal but it could momentarily daze it enough for him and Shallow to escape.

“S-Shallow,” he called out in a shaky voice “I-I have a plan. Prepare to run!”


Glory was not having a good dream; a vision of her husband her second born Elise Bloodtthirst going crazy and a lot of innocents in front of her eyes was too much to handle. one pony after her pony, she began screaming as father and daughter stood over her youngest offspring Chichi, sobbing hysterically as she pleaded with them not to hurt her; they did not listen to her. Oh, Faust, please make it stop, make it stop!

“Please get me out of here, please...”

Then a voice replied.


Glory's eyes snapped open. She was gasping both from the nightmare and the voice that almost made her jump out of her bed, even taking her seconds to take heed the pair of cyan eyes staring at her, let alone the eyes' owner who sat on her body. When she finally notice the earth pony, she tried to move but was pinned under the weight of the earth pony's green-furred body, “Wh-Who...?”

“You are having a nightmare, vampony!” yelled the green earth pony.

“A-A nightmare? Oh, I guess that makes sense,” It was not her first nightmare ever since the beginning of the war, nor it was the first during her family's reign, “May it be respectful if you can get off my body so I can move?”

The mare shook her head “Nuh-uh! You are a vampony, and a vampony feeds on the blood of ponies!”

Glory deadnapped, offended, “We did slept together on one bed and you are still a living being and not a shriveled corpse.” she told her with blunt honesty. The mare seemed to think about this; after a moment, she decided to get off but not without giving Glory an 'I got my eyes on you' gesture. Glory noticed the mare was still wearing the navy blue clothing, and the strange contraption on her leg. Glory off the bed “What's your name?”

The mare's reply came in an instant “Iffy Quizzy, but everypony just calls me Iffy. How about you, vampony?”

“I'm Glory, a Bloodthirst Thestral,” finding her crown on the floor beside bed, she picked it up and placed it on her head, “I am the queen of the Thestral, but you may call me Glory as you wish.”

“Ruler of what?” the mare raised an eyebrow, “Why did you use the ruler as your nickname? it doesn't make sense. Wait, do you like using rulers? I got one in my room.”

Glory was the next to be perplexed. Why did the mare not recognize her title? didn't she know what it meant? how can a mare be so ignorant of such?

However, she would not get her answer any time soon as the mare spoke up, “I'm Iffy Quizzy, but everypony calls me Iffy, but you can call me anything you want, Miss Glory!” chirped Iffy Quizzy. She would look at the room around her with a wide smile, eyes sparkling with awe; she turned to Glory and spoke “Oh my Celestia, your bedroom is stinking glamorous! Oh, I hadn't seen such a beautiful room and colorful as this before coming across a colorful library!”

Glory chuckled “As I was told, this is a dorm, a unique kind of bed chamber, they did not told me much about dorms. Perchance, we are both staying here to hide from an organization that ruthlessly capture outsiders of their world-” there was a subtle pause but it went unnoticed by Iffy as she was too engrossed to listening to Glory, “-like rooting out weeds from a wheat field. Those who run this school has offered us to take shelter here.”

Iffy frowned “Perchance? Organization? Outsiders? Weeds? Field? What are they? I can't heads and tails of what you're saying.”

Glory sighed “For somepony who appears to be more ahead of my time, your lack of understanding even for the basic food baffles me to oblivion. It makes me question the education of your nation.“


Derpy and Time Turner had been nothing but kind and generous to Stormlight as if they had known her for a long time or she were part of their family. She did not like using them but was thankful at the same time, knowing she might end up living outside.

As it was time to retire to sleep, Time Turner gave her a couple of rules which are nothing out of the ordinary, but the first one was different.

Don't go in the basement. You might hear a banging noise or something down there—but i suggest you pay it no mind.

That caught her off guard, even unnerving her. Questions began firinh up in her mind. What's inside the basement? why was it locked inside? is it...dangerous?

Nonetheless, she did not question Time Turner and continued listening to him and to his advices; she said no word, only smiling even as Derpy and Time Turner retires to their room.

Still playing silent type, eh?

Stormlight winced but promtly ignored the voice. She laid on a spot far from any equipments and slowly drift to sleep.

Or atleast anyway.

She shot up, letting a surprised yelp and glanced around her. A collection of noise reached her ears; she easily discern what it was. It was the sound of someone knocking– no, slamming on a door.

Don't go in the basement. You might hear a banging noise or something down there—but i suggest you pay it no mind.

Her eyes widened, remembering what Time Turner told her.

You might hear a banging noise...

She curled into a ball, her body started shaking.

Don't go in the basement.

Hmm, maybe you should go and see. Perhaps they're holding a pony inside and they don't want you to know.

She gritted her teeth “Sh-Shut up.” she whimpered.

Me? Shut up? Why, I am just trying to help you, Stormlight. It is like adding spice to a cuisine to—let's say 'spice things up' and add more scare to your situation.

Stormlight put her hooves to her ears. Maybe if she can sleep if she ignored the noise. Yeah...


Nimbus, or Stormy Showers as the hospital calls him due to his short interview with the doctor from the previous night, did not had much to do for most of the day other than examine his wings, talk to the nurses; one of them who delivered and spoon-feed him (much to his embarassment), read books he had requested, rest, and take occasional powernaps. He found out he was Ponyville as he had asked one of the nurses of where he was. He was millions of miles away from his home. His minds wanders back to his family, friends, and his squad.


Thunder was more than happy to take a warm bathe on a clean and pristine water after after a few months of wandering in the Surface; while Buckshot suspicious of the unique look of the water, she decided to join seeing the winged mare and their captor not dropping dead convinced her it was safe. She did not regret her decision. “Ah...good water.” she moaned. She began washing her dirty body while an amused Thunder watches nearby not too far away.

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@Windy Breeze

~ pan~

Apple Bloom would quickly guide you through the bathroom and rub your back as you vomit.

" There, there... Sorry I didn't know about your diet.... Don't worry I know a student of mine who eats meat. Maybe we could ask them for food for you... Although.... I have to explain on how I have a bat pony for a relative." Apple Bloom pondered.

Once your fine, we'll head to the school of friendship. There I think we'll be safer.

I hope you're okay with fishes."




He was able to slide between the creatures legs and slash one of it's legs but not it's belly, for the creature was too tall to get hit.

After the stunt he did, a shocking revelation has been presented to Silver. The blood on his blade is purple and slimy, and as he look back at the creature with the moon shinning upon it, revealed it as NOT a Celestial Ursa type of bear. But a grotesque hideous purple zombie like giant bear.

" Yup we run!" Shallow yelped. 

As Silver runs, Shallow would turn to dust and hide inside Silver's Shadow once more.

" Sorry but let me rest and think for a bit."

Both of them went deeper into the forest and the giant bear followed.

At some point, the bear lost sight of you but has not given up the chase. It is still trying to find you, sniffing at the ground.... Tracking you.

This gave silver and shallow some time to rest and move slowly.

"..... How do we stop that thing.... We can't just lure that thing into the Village, the ponies there are weak as a sheep..."


~Glory and Iffy~

As time passed. A knock on the door would arise.

A stern stallion voice could be heard at the back of the door.

" Good morning honoured guests. I am one of the royal guards, here to escort you for today. In about an hour a meeting is about to be held and would request your presence if able. If we have the time I can still guide you to the cafeteria and you may eat there as we wait for the meeting to commence. I will be waiting here outside."

If they were early the guard could guide them to the cafeteria for now and have their breakfast. But if they're late, they would head to the meeting room immediately.




Then suddenly grabbed her at the shoulders.


" Wake up sleepy head, it's time to go to work!" A derpy eyed pony greeted her.

It was already 6 am. And derpy is already in her uniform, excited and ready to work with you.




As time flies and stagnation starts to creep in a knock on the door disturbed the silence.

As you looked at it's source you'd see a familiar face, Cozy Glow. But she wasn't alone though. She's with another unicorn.

But as they got near you and the details of the other pony is more visible, she was actually an alicorn. Blue mane, pink fur. Beautiful, and charming at the same time.

"Flurry Heart, this is the pony I was talking about." Cozy spoke.

" My goodness! What happened to you!? " The Alicorn worriedly asked.

"Let  me heal you up a bit." 

 She would then slowly heal your wounds that it would remove you from being bedridden.

" Sorry but this is as much as I can do for you at the moment. I'm quite tired since my day was quite.... Eventful."

Flurry hearts tired expression visibly apparent and her sweating alot dosn't hide that fact.

Cozy would then go to Flurry's aid and assist her on a sit.

" Thank you so much Flurry."

Cozy would then give her focus to you and ask.

" Well then, now that you're healed up. I'm guessing you have no where to stay correct? I know somepony who'd probably help us, but they're out for the moment. So I could only suggest we leave the hospital immediately and head to Head mare Starlight and ask for her help."

" About that... I'm actually late for a meeting with her... We should rush there or I'll have a scolding of a life time... " Flurry Heart worriedly said.

" I'm so sorry, I owe you big time... " Cozy's only reply to her friend.



~thunder and Buckshot~

As everypony got comfortable and relaxed at the bath, Sweetie Drops would break the silence and grab their attention.

" Sorry for being rude and body back there. I don't want to lose my authority from them if they see me being nice to ponies like you.... An ODT. I'm also sorry that you have to wear those deadly bracelets, standard procedure... If we where able to meet alone I could've saved both of you... But at that moment this is the best and safest way.

Anyway... When we're alone we can hang out and chill, but once we're outside we have to be professional and discreet. As much as possible no talking.

You see my partner and I are trying to change our organization from the inside, so the ODTs won't be treated unfairly... You've seen how they've reacted right?

"So help me so I can help you, not a bad deal right? 






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Silver did not realize perceive the huge bear animal thing was a zombie, as taking a slice to the leg does not always result to fatal injuried unless left untreated and if the blood kept on coming out, something which he didn't see happen but he had already bolted away from the bear as far as possible and catch up to Shallow, who not only have the ability to hide behind shadows but also had the common sense to use it to her advantage; Silver had mixed reactions to this, mainly because Shallow can rest within his silhouette while.he.kept.running and hoping the growing exhaustion would not cause him to fall.

Maybe when worse comes to worst, Shallow can simply hop to one shadows to another while the huge animal gorges on the meat of his corpse.

Lucky for him, the huge animal had lost sight of them, giving him and Shallow time to stop and rest. However, the chase is not over. The animal would eventually track them down by their scent.

“Then we have to stop it from following us either by diverting its attention and lead it deeper into the forest or we kill it. Have any ideas?”


Once again, he is helped by his host by leading him to the toilet where he would spend a few moments vomiting apple bits down into toilet water.

As Apple Bloom spoke up, a few things caught his attention. School of Friendship. That sounded oddly cheerful to be a school's name, what do they teach there? friendship? he had nothing against that, he only found it weird.

“I am fine eating fishes.” he told her. Fish was the cheapest meat to available in his kingdom, and that was what him and his family commonly eats before the war; he only started eating other meat thanks to his royalty status, “I eat all kind of meat. What I cannot eat are the foods of herbivores.”


The ordeal during the night has left Stormlight skittish and alert, so it wasn't surprising she would jump and let out a mighty yelp of fear when she felt something touch her shoulders, only turning to see it was Derpy who now wears a mail courier's uniform. 

After greeting Derpy with a “Good morning” of her own, Stormlight goes to the kitchen to eat breakfast, assuming Derpy help her find her way to the room.


A splash of water erupted beside Thunder, splashing Sweetie Drops and the pegasus while Buckshot's head emerges from the surface. After shooting the raider a glare, Thunder spoke to the earth pony agent “Normally, I would think you are lying and hiding your true intentions but listening and taking two prisoners to a hot bath is a risky act to make. For now I will trust you and accept your proposal.” she offers a hoof for a hoofshake.

Buckshot appear to be reluctant, nonetheless she decided the agent deserves her trust “Count me in.” she said casually.


A voice interrupts Glory and Iffy from their conversation.The voice belonged to a guard, addressing them from behind the closed door of their bedchamber. He told them he is going to be their escort, and the meeting Starlight mentioned yesterday is going to take place an hour later and they are both requested to join. Glory assumed that they will going to be discussing  about the SMILE with Flurry, Starlight, and other participants, although she was confused why they want Iffy to be in the meeting. As she was thinking about this, the guard from the other side of door told he would guide them to the cafeteria. Glory was confused with the unfamiliar term, even more so when a green ball of equine fur rushed to open the door with great anticipation. That is when she found out what cafeteria word means. “Take me, take me! I can't wait to eat for breakfast!” Iffy bubbled to the guard.

Glory calmly approaches them and stops beside her hyperactive earth pony roommate. She wondered what kind of food delicacies does this kingdom has to offer.


Nimbus' ears perked when he heard the door open, and entering the room is Cozy Glow. She wasn't alone, as a unicorn mare came in after. He was not too bothered by the stranger as ir could be Cozy's friend who wanted to pay him a visit “It's nice to see you, Cozy,” his eyes turns at the unicorn, “Who's this friend of...yours” he trailed off when he noticed a pair of wings on the mare's sides. Wait a minute, horn and wings? An alicorn? he does not recognize the face of the alicorn visitor, but he knew what an alicorn meant; he was at the presence of royalty.


He did not bow though, as it could probably resulted in him worsening his injuries.

Nimbus waa surprised that his injuries were healed. He felt a little soar but most of the pain wear out. Nimbus outstretched his wings, amazed.

He turned to the alicorn and smiled “Thank you for healing me, your...highness?”

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@Windy Breeze


Shallow Shade would stay quiet for a bit before replying to Silver. ".... Maybe I could drain it out of energy... But depending on how much it is, I might end up out cold for a day or dead... But in this situation... We have no choice but to bring the creature down. Silver, please distract the beast while I attack it from behind."




"You  have no idea how powerful friendship can be." She smirked.

"Come let's head there now. 

But first, are you visibly an earth pony? We don't want others to catch us."

If so they would head to the school of friendship to have protection and some food for them to eat.

But they would be interested at Ponyville, by one of Apple Bloom's student.



They would have their breakfast and bid the doctor goodbye to head for their job.

They almost got late heading to the office , because Derpy had accidentally bumped on one of the food trays and had to help pick up her mess.

Even though they weren't late,  Thought Sender still gave a lecture to the both of them.

" Derpy and Stormlight.... Good job on not getting late... But it seems you've been into trouble, since you ponies are already worked out and your uniform's a mess... The work hasn't started yet and you're already in that state.... Please Derpy be careful, and as for you Stormlight.... I know this isn't part of your job but please take care of her. "

Derpy would pout at thought Sender and retort. " Hey you should be telling me that not her! I'm the senior. "

He'd reply back, 

" yeah I SHOULD be telling you that.... "

His only reply.

" Anyway we have multiple mails being returned back from Canterlot, it seems they aren't letting any trains in the city. So I'm sorry to say this, and I know it's far, but we have to deliver these letters... So we can only do this by air mail. Since you pegasi are the last ones to be at work... Congratulations, you both would do the job, make us proud. " The chief would say, and end the daily meeting.

Four fully packed bags awaited for both of you to carry and fly it through Canterlot.

" Oh boy... Sorry for dragging you into this kind of mess Stormlight..." Derpy embarrassed and sadly said.


~thunder and buckshot~

"please you ponies can't lay a finger on me... Remember the collar on your neck?"Bonbon pointed out.

He would splash some water back at thunder. 

" Anyway, thank you again for agreeing to help out, but for now, behave yourself when we're in public... We don't want any attentions around us."

As soon as they finished bathing Bonbon would offer food and have a light chat, throughout the night. 

The next day they'd be woken up by one of the guards.

" Agent Sweetie Drops! Alpha has arrived and requested your presence."


She'd quickly wake up and quickly shake down the two prisoners.

" LOOK ALIVE PONIES WEVE GOT VISITORS!... a very important one."


~glory and iffy"~

Iffy momentarily shocked the guard, but would return back to his natural poise. 

" Oh! uh... certainly ma'am right this way." 

They where guided at the cafeteria, there they'd see different creatures with different diets eating at the same table.

It seems they offer gems, herbs, and fishes in their meal.

The pony behind the counter, who seems to be serving the food for them spoke up and asked, " now what can I do for you?"




" No worries, but if What Cozy said is true about you my friend, then we must hurry to head mare Starlight. You are in deep trouble if we stayed here for long. "

The princess would then guide you to exit the hospital. The staff would try to talk to the princess about the patient, but it seems she is using her authority to by pass the rules that is holding nimbus down in the hospital.

As soon as they got out of the hospital, they went straight to the school, but in the middle of the streets of Ponyville, an unexpected event would happen.


" See that Nimbus? It's nice to have powerful friends to help you out." cozy glow bragged.

" Hey! Don't joke like that. " Flurry would scold Cozy.

" I was just joking, you know I value our friendship more than tha- Ouch!" Cozy would bump at Flurry Heart.

" Why'd you stop all of a sudden? "

The frozen princess was shocked at seeing the pony Infront of her. At first cozy could not see who it was, but as soon as he has a closer look, she too was shocked.

" Apple Bloom!?" Both ponies yelled.


" Well if it ain't my favorite students... What are you up to this time?" She replied.

Flurry Heart was already told about the situation revolving around the CMC thanks to starlight mentioning about it, leaving her tense and would like to leave as soon as possible.

"Where have you been teacher!" Cozy Glow happily asked.

" You've went and vanished and now you're here in Ponyville! What the hay happened!? " Cozy asked.

Meanwhile Flurry was a bit nervous and uptight.

" Yes teacher.... Please do tell."

Then Cozy would notice that Apple Bloom wasn't alone.

" Who is that!? Is he your boyfriend!?" Cozy shouted 

" Hey you! Mind your manners! And don't be rude.... He umm he's my... " She'd look at pan for him to answer instead of her.

Apple Bloom's plan to lay low and not get cought seems to have back fired, but some how she noticed Nimbus,

" And I should say the same thing! is that pony beside you a friend of yours too Cozy Glow?"  Apple Bloom pointed at Nimbus.

Cozy could only replied." It's kind of difficult to explain.

Apple Bloom was shocked that Cozy got a boyfriend, while Flurry is scared out of her mind, knowing that Apple Bloom is an agent and Cozy Glow is going to blow their cover. While Cozy is jumping the same conclusions of Apple Bloom having a boyfriend as well. 




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