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Balloon Party 5 Invitational for Pony.fm musicians


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Hi, this is Circuitfry. Several months ago, I came back to the fandom to run a music event for the remaining members of My Little Remix community and invited folks on the Everfree Radio discord. I was browsing around recently and remembered that Pony.fm exists! I'm really sorry for completely blanking on it! There's plenty of people here who might want to contribute to the album who might've missed the announcement on EqD and such. (Mods, if this is in the wrong topic: I couldn't post in Forum Events, so this was my next best guess. Your help is appreciated, of course!)

There is a link to the MLR thread that goes into a lot of detail here. But obviously it's lengthy, so I'm gonna repeat the critical information here in the thread in summary form.

Balloon Party 5 (a Fluttershy one) was scheduled to release on June 4th, but we actually ended up delaying it to July 4th. For context, this is an official continuation of the Balloon Party compilation music album series. I am the guy that ran the first two albums. This fifth is named "Everfree Park Rangers - Woodland Guide".

Here's what you need to know:

  1. This album is a completely different beast. We are avoiding dubstep, house, and drum-and-bass. We are encouraging soundtrack music that "feels like Fluttershy's soul," and linked a playlist comprised of multiple community members contributing examples of what they felt hit the aesthetic. Click here to give the inspiration playlist a listen.
  2. We have already published some teasers! Musicians should get a pretty good grasp of the kind of music that we're putting onto the album. Click here to listen to some of the music that is already in progress.
  3. This is a concept album, too. This album, in addition to a genre focus, has a concept focus, too! This part has confused a lot of musicians, so read carefully: Your song should be about an interesting and delightful secret in the forest, something that Fluttershy would be excited to show you. The album is about a tour of the secrets of the Forest that Fluttershy is giving, hence the name. Examples we've seen include a river of self-reflection, a cave with crystals that show your parallel universes, underground giants, starry trees, some firefly aerobics, singing rocks, etc. The idea can be grand or small, just stick to the theme, okay?
  4. You only have a month (sorry!) Everyone was supposed to get a full 4-5 months to work on their track, but because I forgot about these forums, you're probably reading this with anywhere between 1 day to a full month of time, left. The due date for submissions is June 28th. This is a complete oversight on my part and I apologize.
  5. We have a discord community. Click here to join the discord community.
  6. There will be an After Party. I'm not running this one, but details can be asked in the Discord.
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