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Someone had an interesting take on MYM and I'm curious what you think

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So I watched a review on Make Your Mark on youtube that had a particular issue with it that I found odd and maybe mis-aimed, and I was wondering what you thought.

The premise of his gripe was that in contrast to Hitch in ANG who willingly had a new view on pegasi and unicorns, Posey spent the whole episode being selfish and spoiled  about magic and her lack of it, yet at the end of it all, she received a power of her own. That whining and complaining during the whole episode only stopped when she got power of her own, and so being selfish and entitled will reward you. She became a better pony at the end, but not through change and improvement, but only by receiving what she was whining about all along until she got it, which she shouldn't have gotten and should have instead felt thankful for what she already had.

I just can't help but feel that, as Spike said so perfectly in Every Little Thing She Does,


I don't think that's really what the point of the episode was. I don't think that solely because she got flower magic and was receiving what she was whining about, that she stopped being salty. I think there's more to it than that.  "Whining" or jealousy notwithstanding, remember that magic was still making her daily life a hassle. (just look at TYT!) Maybe it took her being saved from the void by Sunny's magic to finally give her a more positive outlook. I think Posey had an attitude adjustment alongside gaining flower magic, not because of it. That's really the sense that I get. Reaching a hoof out to somepony regardless is a big thing. Maybe having something positive happen with her really helped her outlook. (What were you going to do, let her plummet into the void because she was obnoxious? Or give every earth pony plant magic except her as some sort of just desserts? That doesn't seem right.)

The idea that giving the spoiled brat what she wanted is what made her happier, and that's what the lesson is, I don't think that's the right takeaway from this.

Honestly, the number of youtube thumbnails I see being salty at TYT or MYM makes me a little sad.

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I agree with you that Posey's (that is how you spell her name, right?  I've been doing it "Posie" for a while now...) attitude changed alongside her getting magic, instead of because of it.

I suspect it was only at the end, when magic vanished, disaster struck, she nearly was lost in a dimensional void, and she was saved by magic and the very pony she resented, that her attitude finally shifted.  And it was shortly after that that Earth Ponies got plant-based magic.

Plus...let's not mince words:  Posey had a few legitimate reasons for not liking, or at least distrusting, magic.  Unicorn levitation magic failing unexpectedly or getting in the way might've been a mere nuisance, but it's a wonder pegasi didn't die from magic-loss-induced crashes!  I'm not sure she was even "spoiled" in the first place; "fed up" seems more accurate.

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