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My Let's Play of the Maretime Bay Adventure Game


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I'm crossing my fingers that this is the right place to post this, but I did a Let's Play and (kind of) review of the official My Little Pony game that's out right now, Maretime Bay Adventure.


I've always been a sucker for platforming adventure games, and wished that G-4 had one so much I ended up making my own platforming fangame---which I'm still adding features to.  So when they came out with a canon platformer adventure for the My Little Pony franchise, I just HAD to buy it and see what it was like!  I figured from looking at the commercials and thinking about what other pony games have been like historically that this'd involve platforming, exploration, and a bunch of minigames.  I wasn't wrong about any of that, though I also discovered that there were plenty of fetch-quests throughout the main story, as well, often involving chains of deals.


Unfortunately, as for the game's overall quality, I was a little disappointed:  the game felt like it was rushed and lacked polish, in that animations got pretty wonky either at the start or end of cutscenes, and most (but not all) cutscenes' facial animation was too limited for their own good.  There wasn't much content in it in terms of playtime, either; I was able to get to 100% completion in under three hours.

If I had to give the game a niche where it could excel, it'd be getting younger girls who have little experience with adventure platformers started with and interested in the genre:  it does a good job explaining the game's controls and mechanics, and also does a good job of rewarding exploration and successful platforming---and exploration is one of the things I like in games in general.


Apart from that, one of the smaller gripes I have with the game is that, often, ponies tell Sunny to do things that should be the other ponies' job to do in the first place.  Sprout (who is once again deputy in this continuity for some reason) tells Sunny to go question witnesses when a vandalism mystery pops up.  Pipp tells Sunny to dance for her as part of her "Pipp Pipp Parade".  It feels really contrived, but on some level, I suppose that's a necessary evil:  if other characters don't give the player character things to do, then...well, there won't be things for the player to do, after all!


I have a playlist on youtube with all three parts of my Let's Play; as of the time I'm typing this, part 3 is still being uploaded, but even if you start watching the moment I press "Submit", the third part will be up by the time you get there!



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Rip there's a lot of problems you went through to record your let's play.

and i just started watching it so i only been like at 2 mins in this video im watching it :mlp_wink:

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