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The pony models are now extracted from Maretime Bay Adventure!


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It's happened! The pony models are now available for you to do things with! I love this, and if I had a better computer, I'd wait for them to get put into GMod and SFM and play around with them.

And yes, that Pipp thing is a joke. She isn't that tall. 


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Awesome! B)


This is the only true good thing about G5! That they made a game with the official resources, and for us fans knowing extration would happen (it is very easy to predict).



Just remember how much work went into making fan puppets of the G4 ponies in Flash back in the day, to make fan movies and such. With the G5 resources already available, fans have the rights to change the story if they don't like what Hasbro did. The models mean everything, such as 3D printing toys, to making a full feature movie. The only good thing about 3D is, if you got the models, you got the show in your hands! spla_twilfly.gif


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I just installed Blender 2.8 yesterday to help a friend, and I am so glad I did, because now I can see Zipp's eye lashes :pout:


Can't believe this is fully rigged to be animated. Absolutely crazy! :eager:

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On 2022-06-14 at 8:45 AM, AfterMonty said:

Yo fully rigged aswell! I did some ripping of models using ninja ripper and mine were not great (note below.) These look way better and they’re rigged unlike the ones I did x3

That is a very good job :eager:

After all, getting the ponies out of the game, fully 3D is what matters.


On 2022-06-14 at 1:32 AM, Savygriffs said:

Bruh Pipp really IS small! :laugh:

Maybe she was made small because she had a small roll in the movie? :wacko:

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