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adventure Elements of Equestria 2: Chapter 21


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Chapter 21: A Return to Ruin

Lee flew for another few minutes until he saw the main gates of Canterlot Castle come slowly into view. Before he landed however, Lee stopped to see four corrupted guards by the gates, making him think about his next course of action.

“Gotta get past those guards, but I got to do it without being seen…”

As he examined the surrounding area, Lee saw a few items of interest nearby, which included a pile of rocks, a ruined Canterlot banner, a shovel and a long string of rope.

“Yeah… that’s a good plan.”

After quietly gathering the materials he needed, Lee quickly retreated into the woods to set up a trap for the guards.

A few minutes passed and Lee finally finished his trap and wiped the sweat on his forehead away as he looked at his invention with a little bit of confidence inside.

“Hope this works…”

Quietly, Lee snuck behind a tree with a clear view of the castle gates and the corrupted guards. Lee picked up a hooffull of rocks and started chucking them at the guards to get their attention.

The group of corrupted guards saw this and they became increasingly more irritated as Lee continued throwing rocks. The guards started shielding themselves from the rocks as they looked around for the culprit.

“Argh! Who is doing that?! Cease this at once!!”

Once he got the guards nice and riled up, Lee quickly stood up and started shouting and waving his arms at the guards to get their attention.

“Hey! I’m over here! Come and get me!”

Lee jumped back when he saw the guards charging towards him and he quickly ran back into the woods. As he continued running, Lee still saw the guards behind him, but smiled as this was all part of the plan.

“Get back here, scoundrel! You will not escape!!”

When he finally reached the desired area, Lee quickly jumped over the trip rope he set up and just stood still at the far end of the clearing.

“Just a bit further, guys…”

As the corrupted guards continued charging towards Lee, they all tripped over the rope and suddenly fell into a deep hole covered up with leaves.

Lee looked down into the hole to see all of the disoriented guards struggling to get their bearings. Lee gave the guards one last smug look before he covered the hole with the Canterlot banner.

“Phew… Glad that’s taken care of. Now, I gotta get into the castle and find Malice!”

Lee returned to the main gates of the castle and looked up at what remained of Canterlot Castle with a look of determination.

“Malice… you won’t get away with this destruction!”

After slowly opening the broken main doors into the castle, Lee first looked around at the remains of the entrance hall and was stunned at all the damage that had been done.

Broken stained glass windows, huge craters in the stone walls, the ceiling caved in all around and portraits of various ponies laid in pieces on the ground.

“I can’t believe all of this…”

Lee sighed as he continued looking around the room, but only felt sadness in his heart as he remembered his very first visit to this castle.

“It feels like just yesterday I was here for the first time to see Celestia and Luna…”

Lee looked over at a nearby waiting room with a ruined, flipped over couch and his mind flashed back to when he first came to Canterlot with Twilight.

“I was so nervous to speak to Celestia and Luna, not knowing if they would even like me or not… Seems like forever ago now.”

For a few moments, Lee closed his eyes and remembered his ordeal in the throne room on his first day here, remembering the ridicule and the heartbreak and the absolute meltdown he had at the end of it all.

“And that… that is where it all began.”

Before he could think about it anymore however, Lee’s attention was soon redirected when he started hearing the sound of laughter coming from the walls and he quickly remained on guard.

“What is that?” Lee asked.

The whispers in the air then formed into a sinister voice that spoke to Lee, but he already knew exactly who it was that was speaking to him.


“Ahh, if it isn’t our failure of a Knight, continuing to be a thorn in my side. I am surprised you haven’t just run and hidden away from all of this.”

“I’m here to stop you Malice! I will stop you, save my friends and all of Equestria in the process!”

Malice laughed at Lee’s words, but Lee maintained his look of determination.

“Is that confidence I hear in your voice, or is it the sound of desperation? Last time I checked, you could hardly save yourself and you were the one who stood by as I took control of your friends!!”

“Be quiet!”

“Or do you just refuse to accept the fact that you are the reason for all of this? Because of your weak heart, I was able to control you! Because of you, I took the Soul Scepter and the Essences of Emotion and defeated your pathetic friends!! And now because of you, everything you know and love will soon be destroyed!!!”

“I said BE QUIET!!! Show yourself and I will show you my real strength!!”

Lee heard Malice laughing at him again, but soon heard Malice speak to him one last time.

“If you want me, then come and find me! I promise that I won’t let you miss me…”

Just then, the voice of Malice faded away and Lee was left by himself again and yelled in frustration at Malice’s words.

“Argh!! He’s just mocking me now! I have to get up to the throne room before he does anymore damage!”

Lee then went towards the nearby stone staircase and quickly made his way into the now dark and silent halls of the castle.

A sense of dread and uneasiness affected Lee as he continued to traverse the desolate halls of Canterlot Castle and he remained on guard for any surprises that Malice might send.

“I just gotta be careful… But nothing is going to stop me from getting rid of Malice!”

A few minutes later, Lee heard the sound of footsteps nearby and could suddenly hear them coming closer to him, which made him panic. Lee quickly took cover behind a nearby door and he peaked through the crack in the door hinge to see if somepony was coming.

The sound of the footsteps suddenly stopped a moment later, which caused Lee to look from his hiding spot and saw that there was nopony in the hallway.

“Huh? Could have sworn that I heard somepony out here…”

Just as Lee reentered the hallway to look around in suspicion, Lee heard the sound of loud whooshing noises and he was suddenly knocked back by a strong kick to his torso.

Before he knew it, Lee flew backwards into the stone wall and the impact made a crater in the stone. Lee winced in pain as he removed himself from the wall, looking around frantically for his attacker.

“Argh! W-What?”

Lee looked up and saw two familiar ponies approaching him: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. But they both had the same blackened eyes as every other corrupted pony and nothing but menacing scowls on their faces.

“G-Guys!! Stop and fight this! Don’t do what he says, please!!”

Luna tilted her head in confusion at Lee’s words, but she only uttered the phrase “Must serve” to him. Lee was in disbelief to what Luna was saying, but he soon saw Celestia do the same thing as her sister.

“Must serve… MUST SERVE!!”

Celestia and Luna both charged up their magic at Lee and he was forced to quickly jump up to avoid the magical blasts. Lee tried to fly away from the corrupted sisters, but he was soon forced to land once more by a huge surge of electricity coursing through him.

Lee tumbled back to the ground and screamed as the pain rocked his entire body, with one of his wings being injured too. From his pained position, Lee saw two other familiar ponies standing ahead of Celestia and Luna and he gasped when he saw them.

“T-Tempest… Chrysalis.”

Lee could only look in horror as all of his friends stared him down and were all prepared to attack him. He was especially horrified at the sight of Tempest being corrupted, completely soulless, but Lee desperately tried once more to speak to her.

“Tempest… Tempest, if you can hear me, please know that I am going to stop all of this and bring you back! I’ll bring you back and everypony else Malice has corrupted!!”

Tempest shook her head back and forth at Lee’s words, but Lee suddenly saw a lone tear drop from Tempest’s blackened eye.


Lee gasped in shock when he heard Tempest quietly whisper his name, but he then heard her scream in agony as a huge dark aura surrounded her.


Suddenly, Tempest’s expression became totally emotionless again and Lee could hear the sinister voice of Malice in the air once more and Lee looked towards the ceiling in anger.

“They always try to fight my power, so I sometimes have to enforce my will back into their hearts when they… get out of line.”

“Malice, release her!! Release all of them please!!”

“What’s this now? Pleading for mercy from your enemy? Quite shameful of you, Knight of Equestria!”

Malice laughed in pity at Lee, but Lee growled in anger at what Malice was saying.

“Enough of your games!! You will not win, Malice!”

“How about I give you a choice, Lee? Either you surrender to me or you can try and fight your dear friends? Which shall it be?”

Lee looked at the group of ponies before him and looked at each and every one of them: Celestia and Luna, who were his wise and kind mentors and great friends to him, Tempest, the love of his life and the queen of his heart, and Queen Chrysalis, who has been helping him and Tempest on their journey to find the Essences of Emotion.

“I can’t fight them and I will not fight them… Not my friends, not in a million years…”

With a final sigh of defeat, Lee finally decided what to do and he got down on his knees and surrendered to his corrupted friends.

“I surrender. I surrender myself… Malice.”

“What a pure fool you are… All of you, bring this embarrassment to me at once. I will deal with him personally!”

Celestia and Luna did as Malice said and summoned a huge rope before they approached Lee and tied him down. They both then picked Lee up with their magic and made their way down the hall.

Lee could only stare towards the corrupted Tempest as he was carried away, but he still thought that what he was doing was the right thing to do.

“This is the only way…”

A/N: The final battle draws near and we are almost at the end of this long journey! Thank you everyone for your interest in my story!

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Oh man, that cover art is making me want to see the brainwashing on Celestia and Luna be undone so much. With Lee's heroic sacrifice of himself with no one left to fight, I can only wonder how Equestria will be saved! 

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