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5 What if Scenerios


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Here are five different What if Scenerios for MLP. How do you think things would have played out differently had the stories had gone in these directions instead of the original timelines.

  1. What if Cozy Glow wasn't turned to stone, but Tirek, and Chrysalis still are?
  2. What if Apple Bloom never met Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo?
  3. What if Discord revived King Sombra again after his defeat?
  4. What if the CMCs weren't locked in the broom closet in the Season 8 Finale?
  5. What if Discord knew about Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow's plot to betray "Grogar"?
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  • The title was changed to 5 What if Scenerios

Very interesting "what if" scenarios you have there! Lemme formulate some stuff for ya :BrightMacContent:

1. Honestly, this could've given Cozy Glow a shot at redemption. I know just the pony who would do it: Diamond Tiara (I base this from a youtube vid I watched, can't remember who said it though). Think about it. Cozy Glow's cutie mark is a rook and Diamond Tiara's cutie mark is a Tiara. They both used their talents the wrong way. Of course, before all that Cozy would have to endure a punishment, like cleaning the entire school and writing a huge essay on friendship. 

2. The CMCs wouldn't have come together and Applebloom wouldn't have matured as much as she did. She might've just pulled another stunt similar to that of The Cutie Pox. It would take her much longer to get her cutie mark.

3. I really don't know the probability of this one, but let's take both personalities into account here. Discord is still learning day by day how to be a friend and know what to stand for. Let's say this happens after the Tirek incident, where Discord has matured even more. Sombra is greedy and wants to take over the Crystal Empire again. Maybe Celestia gave Discord his biggest challenge yet: following the footsteps of Celestia herself and revive Sombra to turn him good. It would be tough because Sombra's heart is pure evil, but that doesn't mean it's worth the shot. 

4. This one is rather easy. They would definitely chase after Cozy along with the other students plus the Student 6 and the battle would be over much sooner. 

5. This would put Discord in further danger, since he was playing Grogar himself, especially since he already had beef with Tirek.  

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Hi1. For the sake of a "good plot" I would say Cozy Glow gets away to plot her revenge, MY question is WHO are cozys parents? Is she on the run? It would suggest she's from Cloudsdale, wouldn't her parents seeing as she's STILL technically a filly "give half a crap" about their child being sent to Tartarus or even yet BEING TURNED TO STONE. I mean there are several objections to be made, we forgave Luna, Discord, Trixie, and Starlight? They weren't fillies? You know considering "human logic" her brain should be considered "underdeveloped" even though we know the exact opposite is true lol, anyways, I say Cozy does some disharmony on her own, possibly even starting a war between creatures of Equestria, she knows how to get the ponies fired up lol, she will be a vagrant until she finds some other gullible peasants to abuse lol.


2. Apple Bloom never meets scoots or sweetie, ultimately it seems like an AB focused question rather than CMC, I was about to answer extensively but if we cut out Scoots destiny and Sweeties, we can cut out a lot of context, Apple Bloom I would say "imho" is the most accomplished of the CMC/has the best and most stand out moments, she's still an apple and has her own responsibilities to attend to a top helping other ponies find their talents and kind of acts as the lead voice of the CMC, we've seen her pull a pie cart through a lava swamp and evade death from a Chimera, we've seen her follow a pony everypony else was to afraid to confront/engage, she is shown to be an upcoming aqua pony just like granny Smith, so who knows she could have ended up getting a talent in swimming, she could have ended up getting some generic apple cutie mark, but what it seems to me is "the Apples" are all well rounded talented individuals who are a might bit ahead of the curve for Earth Ponies.



3. I "assume" you are talking about his FIRST defeat, it would seem extremely redundant to bring someone back, watch them fall, then bring them back again, but since I just realized you said "again" you are referring to his second defeat. If Discord brought Sombra back again I honestly don't think it would have any major or serious implications on Equestria, this is assuming it's under the same continuity/timeline as Tirek, Cozy and Chrysalis being freed/assembled". Perhaps Discord would give him an ultimatum this time, force him to join the others, bc honestly he may have been just what they were missing to have beaten the Mane Six, I think they gave him to much independent screen time, and over bloated his potential, he's always been the MOST forgettable villain, but ultimately I don't think with all the creatures of Equestria eventually united, inevitably united, 4 villains wouldn't stack up against an army of changelings accompanied by dragons and ponies that can use magic equally on par if not more powerful United than 4 individuals. My "what if" is what if Tirek was semi intelligent?, and stalked magical individuals, poached them and slowly took over Equestria by separating them from each other an evading "the elements of harmony" bc we know there are 3 variations of the elements, and ultimately friendship is what destroyed Tirek, if he wouldn't have betrayed Discord, the two would be ruling Equestria, my other "what if" bc Twilight would have never received her key, it would still be proudly hanging around Discords neck, no elements, no rainbow ponies, no win.



4. This one's pretty easy,  if the CMC weren't trapped I believe they would have got word out immediately, Cozy wouldn't have got as far along with her plan as she did, which honestly, still wasn't a solid plan, she would eventually have to "rid of them" bc the CMC could just go and tell everypony exactly what she did, and they are BELOVED and greatly trusted in Ponyville, she would have had to take care of them, another one of my "what ifs", what if cozy succeeded? No magic? Would it still hold up, I mean she doesn't have magic either and is pretty young and small, eventually ponies would turn against her as a leader, she had tendencies to show her control issues, and what would she have done with the CMC? She couldn't fly all three of them somewhere by herself?, there were A LOT of holes with her plan, but ultimately, no CMC in the closet I think means the young six don't get trapped at all, a big skip in developmental character events.



5. If Discord knew about their plans, I don't think he would have went back by himself knowing they had the bell, however, season 4 states he can "sense a magical imbalance" (this is disproven/ignored MANY times throughout the series.) When cozy absorbed Grogars magic, he should have knew something was up, he should have checked in with the princesses and The Mane 6 in the event of sensing ANY magical imbalance, IE time rifts that change the fate of Equestria, IE the return of the pillars(Starswirl especially) and the return of the "pony of darkness", even Chrysalis kidnapping the mane 6 and all of Equestrias royalty and most powerful magic wielders, there's a lot of instances where he could have been a HUGE HELP, the question is, does Discord only step in when HE KNOWS has to, or does there just have to be a good enough reason for him to care, it almost seemed as if Fluttershy wasn't captured, he may have not gotten involved at all in the rescue of all of Equestrias most beloved from the changelings, but I guess that's what "connects him" to the elements, you would think after Twilight forgave him in season 4, in what I believe to be one of the most grandiose acts of friendship in the show considering what he did, he would be very concerned about her well being to, but Discord seems to love "trolling" Twilight, putting her on spot, frustrating her when he gets the chance, putting her through nonsensical tasks. Anyways, I believe if Discord knew there was "any chance" he'd lose his magic, he would go to utmost lengths to avoid this, and I believe he would have brought "the squad", like "Grogar we got a surprise for you" Discord: "nah I'm the one with the surprise, one. Not Grogar, two. Rainbow blast scrubs!"



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The answer to the fourth. This one is pretty simple. Goats, other students will chase and the conflict will end much faster.
But other scenarios would be interesting

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What if...

1- Starlight Glimmer kept being a villain
2- The changelings weren't stupid colorful deers with fairy wings
3- Queen Chrysalis had a constant and either dark or funny presence
4- Twilight's school was in season 3 instead of 8 and she was the only teacher
5- Cozy Glow wasn't a villain for no reason

I think that would have been great.

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