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Duplicate Accounts - Reminder


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Please read the original topic. 

I want to get all of the community on the same page with Forum Staff. 

Currently we don’t allow duplicate accounts. However, if one is found and it is connected to a legitimate user, staff will not take action on the duplicate account without consulting with the user / account owner. We do not consider forgotten duplicate accounts to be a failure of the user, or a punishable violation of the rules. The reason we changed this policy was the implication and impact that a ban to a user on a harmless oversight. 

If you feel that this policy isn’t being adhered to please reach out to an Admin. Staff, if you have any questions please reach out to me. Also, feel free to remind each other if this rule application should anyone forget in the future. 

I’ll keep this open for comments from the community if they have any questions. 

ALSO, this doesn’t apply to trolls, bots, or ban evaders. They get banned upon discovery. 

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