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What's your favorite class this semester?

Peachy Pie

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my boces computer technology is alot of fun and obviously my favorite :)


my next favorite this year (i am in high school) would be health, i think its interesting.

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I can't decide between Math and History, my teachers are awesome and most of the students are friendly, actually after further thought I think I'll say math, there are only 3 or 4 or us goodie-goodies in that class (me being one), and it's hilarious to see everyone else sent out of the class so often

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I don't really have any fun classes this semester. I'd say it's a tie between biotech (because it's interesting) and computer literacy (because it's easy).

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Hmm, I would say it is a tie between weightlifting and stagecrafts. 

Weightlifting is pretty obvious, because 




Stagecrafts though, is a very interesting class. It is a class where you get to really know a theater, and you'll build sets for plays and learn how to use all the lighting and sound equipment. Right now we are designing a play from "War Horse" 

These are high school classes btw :P

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