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Did you self teach yourself ...?


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I did! I teached myself english! I only had like the basics of english back in school but over the years, I teached myself more and more new words! by playing games in english, watching movies and so on :)

Okay.. mhh

To cook?

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Well I taught myself to get over of the fear of the deep end of the pool when there was a pool noodle I wanted to play with is on that one end and no one to ask so  first I stuck to the wall of the pool and wall crawled to get too it I even started to get use too the deep end as I kept going I was scared at first worried I might sink but I didn't when I let go and found my self a floater but kept by the wall until I got too the pink pool noodle then I leaped from the wall and on to the noodle and kicked off the wall and try swimming back feeling a bit proud what I did and now I love the deep end of swimming pools it feels like I am flying just like how Scootaloo felt when she became  a sea pony

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