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Hewwo everyone! I'm Lektra, nice to meet you! My important links are on my Carrd, and will be updated as necessary. The thread will be updated as necessary, as well

I stream on Twitch and post videos on YouTube. I've been doing it for a long time off and on, but recently I'm actually trying to put more effort into it. I don't currently have a set schedule, but my goal is to try to stream 3 days a week. I'm trying to get used to it and sometimes life or technical difficulties get in the way, but I'd really like to try and entertain people. My stream is 18+ but of course I observe all Twitch regulations as well as Mlpforums rules, so you won't catch any of that here. I do feel obligated to tell you I'm Les though, but we aren't dating so don't worry about it too much:blush:

I stream cute female characters (waifus) primarily, but since pretty much any game has female characters, I'm technically a variety streamer. Everyone watching me gets +1 extra waifu: me of course. Since there's no way to do everything all the time and still have time offline, I have a few main games, primarily mobile games. If I like a game and my system can support it I'll play it regardless of my usual content, then rave about how much I like the girls in it. I'll often judge guy characters harshly but it's just the characters. As long as they're nice and follow the chat rules, I accept literally anyone from all walks of life:adorkable:

My live2d is in queue, but that doesn't mean I can't and shouldn't stream. I'm still not finished with my Twitch panels and my in-character profile is in progress as time allows. I'm trying to grow my audience and I'm pretty small currently, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling and post this thread here as Jeric suggested

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I've done some streams recently since I got my net back, had some scuffs, learned a few things

Most recent streams have had my PNG and I'm slowly writing out my lore further. What do you guys think?

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