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How has your life gone off script today?


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Well, I didn’t wake up with perfect hair, enjoy a perfect breakfast prepared by Wolfgang Puck and spend the day on my private yacht, surrounded by fanboys with a striking resemblance to Hugh Jackman, Cary Grant and Flynn Rider all positioning to polish my toenails while I indifferently sip Mai Tais.

Dang, whoever wrote the actual shooting script I ended up with needs to get booted out of the screen writers guild!

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I threw up slightly during a gastrointestinal doctor visit. I'm fine now - she told me it was likely acid reflux and prescribed medicine for it whilst I wait for the procedure to figure out what the deal is.

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I am by definition off script because life keeps throwing me weird balls I keep on dodging.

Joking aside..

Yet another round of "what's new, pussycat?" with our IT department. I've completely lost track of how many times this week things just. Does. Not. Work. :Cozy:

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