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What is the scariest place you have been alone?


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The alleyway where I had to take trash to the dumpster during my first job. The alleyway was so long and there wasn't much lighting. There was also the chance that a car could fly past you unsuspecting, or some creep could be hiding out there.

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I literally got lost in the woods once. I walked for more than two hours before I came out on the road again and saw where i was.. Then I had to walk almost two miles back to get to where I parked my car. It was scary! Thankfully I found the road just as the sun was setting. I made it back to my car before full dark. I went to take some nature photographs. *Shock* On 35 mm film. It was sometime after i just got my drivers license. I went to a place called Batsto Village to take some pictures, and decided to walk into the woods to get a few more. I got all turned around!


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When I was younger, I lived in an apartment complex built alongside two major highways. The exit ramp from one to the other had been updated, with the old one constructed around and left to rot. I used to walk that abandoned ramp, little more than a stretch of blacktop cutting through an overgrown wooded area where the headlights of cars passing by overhead were all you had for light and sound that wasn't wildlife. Some folks did litter here, and I found an old couch that I turned upright and corrected the cushions for on that road. It made for a nice place to sit and look at the stars, until light pollution ruined that too.

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