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What if Spike was raised by dragons instead of Twilight


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Here is a butterfly effect idea for you, a pony goes back in time, takes Spike's egg and then gives it to...I don't know lets say to Garble and Smolder's folk to raise. This means that Twilight never hatched Spike, never met him, and instead had an alternative test to enter and managed to pass still. 

What would happen, would Spike have a better life? 

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4 hours ago, DuxMagnus said:

What would happen, would Spike have a better life?

Being raised as any other normal dragon then yeah, at least he'd believe that his way of life is better than being a pony's servant :Thorax:

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12 hours ago, Gaines said:



Well, I guess Spike would have ended up being just another dragon, though I couldn't imagine him being as much of a douche as Garble.  I imagine he'd be similar to Smolder.  So, y'know, somewhat open minded.  He probably would have come to the school of friendship along with Smolder.  But I definitely wouldn't say his life would have been better that way.  Just look at all the wonderful experiences he would have missed out on, and friends he wouldn't have made.  I doubt any relationships he would have had with other dragons would have been as close as those with the ponies.  And don't forget, if he hadn't grown up as Twilight's assistant, then he wouldn't have become Hoof of the Queen, or whatever he exact title is.  Y'know, basically co-ruler of Equestria.  I mean, how awesome is that?

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