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What if the movie took place right after Season 3?


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Let's be honest. The movie felt off for a few reasons, the biggest being how regressed everypony in the mane cast felt. Twilight was the biggest gripe for a lot of folks. Going off on her friends, after all they had been through, didn't feel like her. It was like the last few seasons of character growth as a princess never happened. Well what if that was the case? 

What if the reason Twi acted so anxious over everything at the start and so unprepared throughout the movie was because she had literally just became an alicorn? That friendship celebration could easily have been her coronation. Now instead of just another mission to save Equestria, she now has the burden of leadership thrust upon her, the last surviving head of state and all the expectations that come with it. A stressful situation that wouldn't phase S7 Twilight, but would cause S3 Twi to crack. 

So let's say the movie comes out during the 2014-15 hiatus. How do you think the fandom's reaction would be different with the context of it being post Season 3? 

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Much of the movie definitely felt like it took place at that time with how some of the characters behaved. One of the biggest reasons people believed it underperformed was because it released long after the show's popularity had died down significantly

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