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What colours are your bedroom walls?


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20 hours ago, Silk Glamour said:

See? Not even a topic about the freakin paint color of someone's WALLS can be dull with this fella

This is why you rock, Ati


Ahahah, awww, thank you, Silky! 

Now let's watch paint dry together! It'll be so cool. We can have a bet on how long it'll take! Whoever wins gets unlimited toast. 

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A tan/sand color. I didn't pick it since it was there when I moved in. It's pretty neutral, so I don't mind it. Its MUCH better than my old bedroom.

When I lived at my parents house it was a light greenish/mint, kind of like Lyra. I picked it when I was almost 6. Bad age to pick paint colors. I ended up hating it most of my time there. I remember wanting a chartreuse lime greenish color even.:mlp_confused: Luckily my dad didn't let me go with that.:laugh:

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Currently white, but I want dark grey. It's fascinating to see the diverse color choices people have for their bedroom walls! When it comes to choosing the right color scheme, considering Mainstays reviews can provide helpful guidance. Mainstays offers a wide range of products, including paint and décor, that can transform any bedroom into a personalized sanctuary. Whether you prefer soothing neutrals or vibrant shades, Mainstays has options to suit every style and create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

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