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How would you rate your towns sporting facilities?


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I mean we have the biggest stadium in the world; DKR. World class :nom: .

No NFL teams, major baseball, or basketball teams but that’s ok.

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6 out of 10, a small lounge area, a gymnasium with 2 basketball courts, a walking lap track on the 2nd floor of the same gymnasium, 2 different pools, 1 having a water slide, a treadmill exercise room, a weight room, a small personal exercise room and a skateboarding area outside.  The restrooms are okay and the hand soap is pleasant quality.  Don't ask me about the locker rooms because I never sat foot in there.  

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Other than the ones at the elementary school and the fields and courts bundled with our village parks, we've got like one gym and that's it. Want anything more, you'll have to go to the YMCA next town over. 

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