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BABSCon Donation Drive - Bonus Rank / Achievement Badge


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BABSCon 2023 is looking for financial support in order to bring you all the best Bay Area Con possible. The donation link will be below. Should you donate between now and October 1st, and send me (via DM/PM) a redacted emailed receipt or confirmation screen, you will receive a limited time BABSCon 2023 Rank Badge to wear as a supporter of the Con. Not only that but you will also be able to receive the first official MLPF Achievement ... similar to the old Badge System in that it is permanent. Both will be designed in house and will feature Golden Gates, BABS official mascot. Release of the badge is expected in two weeks. 


https://www.babscon.com/2023/ and click on the Donate button. 


Or here is the direct link. 



Thanks all for reading and if you can help even a little, they will certainly appreciate it. :)



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7 hours ago, Patriotic Brony 42 said:

How much? And does buying merch count as donating?

not minimum limit, and yes

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On 2022-09-05 at 5:00 PM, Patriotic Brony 42 said:

I bought some stuff, but I can't import images in a DM. I will have to figure it out tomorrow.

Did you say there was an etsy link? Sorry for being clueless, it's my first time doing this *shy Rarity emoji smile here*

*Edit:* Found et!! I'm so happy to show support and also get a little pony gift 

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