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technology CTS Studios Analog Master Tapes of Television Jingles

Katie Cadet

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Way back in 2016, Techmoan on YouTube found a reel-to-reel tape on eBay carrying some television jingles of Heinz, the Co-Op stores, Kellogg's, and more, all from CTS Studios in the UK who are famed at mastering and mixing the soundtrack of the Star Wars trilogy and the Lord of the Rings trilogy before they closed down in 2010. The audio clips from the YouTube video at the bottom are far better quality than what we saw back then.

Many people from the UK will be remembered by these extremely popular jingles. If you have any fond memories too, feel free to reply!

Here's the video as a source:


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Buying used tapes is fun. Sometimes I'll get a tape I can record over, sometimes I'll get some good (to me) music and sometimes I'l find some funny personal recordings.

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