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Horse... err, house mix! Now with 20% more ponies!

Viscra Maelstrom

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lol, but seriously, i was inspired to do a house mix thanks to listening to RKA's recent one. it actually went somewhere, and here it is now, my very first house mix! and guess what, THERE'S PONY SONGS IN HERE TOO! yeah! about 4-5 of them in here. in the end, i also made a transition, and added in some dubstep songs, because my mind makes no sense at all.


i might actually extend this mix at some point, split and add more dubstep songs to the end. but for now, i consider this one to be finished.


link/preview: http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/96664103/file.html

this new link took too fucking long to get up!




1 Pendulum - The Island (Part 1)

2. Silva Hound - Applejack

3. Avicii - Levels (Original Mix)

4. Skrillex - Kill EVERYBODY

5. Jackle App - Giggle at the Ghostly (Ponyhouse Mix)*

6. deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts 'n Stuff (Original Extended Mix)

7. New Age Hippies - Ethnical Conflict

8. Jackle App - You Gotta Glitch (voodoopony's Antivirus Remix)

9. General Mumble - She's A Pony (Glaze Remix)*

10. Skrillex - With You Friends*

11. Daniel Ingram - Winter Wrap Up (DJ AMAJA VS GROOVEBOT EXTENDED REMIX)*

12. Knife Party - Internet Friends (EP Version) (here the house act stops)*

13. Subscape - Universal Knife Party - Tourniquet*

14. Subscape - Apple Candy Daniel Ingram - Becoming Popular (Archie V Remix)*

15. Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.


*means altered, changed, new, or otherwise fixed-up tracks


run time: about 59 minutes now.


enjoy! :D

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You still used Skrillex tracks ! D:


-Anyways... This mix... My god, it's awesome ^_^


what can i say, i like Skrillex. =P


thank ye! :D


UPDATE: yes, update! i felt that due to the rough nature of this mix, it was very much incomplete. so i touched it up today!

here's what i did:


- made the transition between Kill EVERYBODY and Giggle at the Ghostly flow bettter

- switched out Glaze's remix of She's A Pony to General Mumble's original, making the flow between the song before and after it sound a helluva lot better

- made the transition of the Winter Wrap Up remix flow better between the song before it and the song after it

- changed the Knife Party song to the official EP release, drastically altering how the mix were after it.

- added 2 new songs! Knife Party's Tourniquet and Archie V's remix of Becoming Popular! occurs after Internet Friends, respectively

- removed the "transition" between the dubstep altogether. that is now a seperate mix, whom i will work on somewhere in the future. in case you wonder what the transition was, it was a 45 second long breakcore song, set to catch you off guard. since i don't have to fiddle with BPM's anymore, and since Becoming Popular is a much better track to end it all with, i removed it.


enjoy once again! link will be up soon, check back later.

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Obey Applebloom.


oh dammit that face.

it.... it's almost uploaded, Applebloom! i just happen to have slow internets which makes it take more time than it really should!

stop giving me that face! there's nothing we can do now except waiting!


edit: IT'S UP NOW!

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