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Pinkie Pie has Wings?!? (In Pony Life?!?)

Katie Cadet

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Hello fellow bronies!

When Pony Life was released in 2020, there were some unintentional animation errors. My personal favourite is that Pinkie Pie gained wings without even knowing. Sure, it was due to the magic of editing, but not due to the magic of the story.

The Pinkie Pie of G4 (FiM), as intended by the toy line, is an earth pony, so there's no way she would be a pegasus during that era, not until Pony Life came around and made it happen! A prototype of Pinkie Pie who is coloured White and Yellow, and named Surprise, originally has wings. The G3 Pinkie Pie is also intended by the toy line as an earth pony. By looking online since 2012, I found out why that statement was true, and indeed, I was right.

By watching a segment from Potion Mystery, this was the source of Pegasus Pinkie Pie, and I'm just letting you know that Pinkie Pie wasn't intended to be that way in the first place due to that unintentional animation error that happened in Pony Life. Feel free to reply if that statement was true!

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