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Best face maker in MYM

Rushing cash

Best face maker  

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  1. 1. So... who makes the best expressions?

    • Pipp
    • Sunny
    • Izzy
    • Zipp
    • Hitch
    • Misty
    • Other (please specify)

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We had only the movie, special and now the series started, but we already had some great faces and expressions. So, who made the best so far? I think it was Pipp so far, but the others had great ones too. 

998448001_pipp2.thumb.png.24a25a939cc5810d17a9418ff5399b89.png       1026586369_izzy1.thumb.png.5bbc01f631e5e9081e21409ce6074b6c.png    419426516_pipp1.png.86fdcd3f83ba003d9d573194fa611211.png    1075355491_izzy2.thumb.png.853ca49e3054bbdbb3370e0cba6e13c8.png   


468994377_pipp3.thumb.png.205b548dd7a6bf69a04a9de32f84f97a.png       2015267624_misty1.png.93460d2cca6a8badb5ba7a451216da08.png






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Admittedly I voted Misty pretty quick, but I forgot that my girl Pipp was the queen of them. She's just great; period. XD

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Pipp has been where the animation team has put the most effort into. Probably because she needs to appeal to the fans.


I was waiting for some kind of Lesson Zero face with Sunny, but that episode never really happened.

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