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Pipp's Podcast IS HERE.


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Jazz is here to! Hopefully for the duration of the series! Anyways I'm not sure if this is allowed seeing as it's released on Spotify, but here's the first episode!


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  • The title was changed to Pipp's Podcast IS HERE.
1 hour ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

@Reform Conundrum 

Pipp Petals should be the "Rainbow Dash"/non-MLP fan attention grabber" of G5 in my opinion. Pipp is basically G5's official spokespony. 

I agree, she may not be my favorite pony of the mane 5, but her literal social media presence is something that fits these different online media outlets, that's essentially kind of something they were hoping to accomplish with the podcast in a way, there's a lot of different people that can be reached in different corners of the internet and seeing as Pipp is a big social media influencer it literally fits the aesthetic.. she has my favorite VA of the Mane 5 though to, idk like I said before about AJs voice being made for shit like this lol but yeah her design isn't what catches your attention in the way that Rainbow did, but her personality is becoming a presence outside of the show, 

If you are just getting introduced to MLP G.5 via song, or things like the podcast, they really are making up for how badly she was treated and pushed to the side in A New Generation, although Sunny is my MANE girl , I do appreciate what Pipp can bring to the fandom potentially

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I'm afraid this doesn't really interest me as of now. Pipp lost me when she floundered over social media in the episodes too frequently for my tastes. 

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