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What are your pets’ names?


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I don’t have a current pet, but past family pet names include:

Danny (Black Lab),

Bailey (Border Collie),

Vesper (Hound),

Groucho (Golden Retriever)

Morton (Turtle)

Snavely (snake)

Guido (chameleon)

Fred and Ginger (Geese)

Mischa (a cat who has taken up residence on my doorstep lately, but not a pet).

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We have to iggys and a Weimaraner.

the iggys are Mia and Maizey The the Weimaraner is maggy. Maggy was an unexpected surprise. My uncle had her but he’s not doing to good and couldn’t take care of her. So we took her in. She listens better than my iggys though. :jazz-hooves-please:

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