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G5 Unicorn Design Parallels to King Sombra

Misty Shadow

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Has anyone besides me caught all the strange parallels the unicorns in G5 have to King Sombra? First, we see crystals in Bridlewood Forest, the homeland of the unicorns, before finding out that crystals are a big part of unicorn culture. Then, there's the horn patterns. With exception, all of the unicorns have horns that have dark colors at the bottom that get brighter until they end with a bright tip at the top. Even Misty, an exception with a special blend of colors in her horn, has her horn end with a bright tip. And finally, I caught that it's not just Opaline, the main villain, who has purple bubbles appear around her horn while she's casting magic. It's just the way the unicorns use ordinary magic in the show, they have purple bubbles appear around their horns like they're using dark magic. 


Why make these design decisions? Forget everything I've ever said in my Sombra theories...don't you feel that the designers were at least inspired by Sombra? 

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Possibly. Possibly not. Crystals and dark magic aren’t totally just tied to sombra. Crystal especially since they’ve always been associated with magic. And it’s probably just a stylistic choice. Purple is a magical color. 

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