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What are you suprisingly good/bad at?


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Surprisingly can sing, rap, dance, I can really Be an entertainer, have a few other skills, but I don't want to bring ego into it, haha, "this is how a unicorn hoops" xD my health isn't what it was before but I inherently have skills ppl would be surprised I have 

Bad, I mean I am abysmal with hand tools, but it's not all "that surprising" I'm just not like my family at all, so I'm not going to essentially pretend that I am (I.E the only genetic similarity we have is how BAD we BOTH ARE at something they're pretending to be good at)


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I'm not too sure at what I'm surprisingly good at, but I'm bad at whistling and music writing (surprising to people since I already draw, sing and write), and I'm terrible at rolling my R's (coming from family who can speak Mexican-Spanish :twismile:)

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Surprisingly good: Physically demanding labor, my dorky appearance and nerdy interests belie the fact that I'm regularly #1 or close to #1 in efficiency at a warehouse job that doesn't involve sitting at a desk (not bragging, just sticking with the point of the topic). 

Surprisingly bad: Again, despite my appearance, I was never really good at advanced science like chemistry and physics and advanced math despite the fact that I've always quite liked science and math. 

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I'm exceptionally good at being a child. And terribly bad at being a grown up. Which is kinda sad to say for a 32 year virgin. But you see... I have this fear that I am the father of all. In fact, the other day, when I was helping at a charity, a raven interrupted in the middle of our prayer. It started flying in circles over us. As if it were laughing at God. And I just became afraid... do you know what I am terrified of? Of the truth. To remember.

As human creatures, our truth is very mundane. And I've been everything there is to become in this creation already. I am very, very old despite my childish voice and deamenor. And that hurts me a little. It breaks my heart to know so many things. And at the same time. I want you to have the freedom that the god of old testament never allowed. Also, I am very confused as to where we are supposed to go, now. Do we do it Babel style? Or we continue until technology has taken us over. Imagine an automatized reality, where we are living inside a virtual server. Connected into pods where we do not have to "live" in the real world anymore. Where our dreams can become real. I leave it to you. So, whether it goes to hell or not. It is in your hands.

Also, do not worry. There won't be any judgment. As long as you leave me in peace with my dreams. You are free to do as you will. Always taking care of life, within reason. Please.

But precisely because knowledge is so heavy. I just want to dream of innocence. I want to be a stupid man-child who loves ponies until the day I die. But do not worry about me. I've been here before. I had it all, once. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Yes, your wildest dreams - I lived them. Well, not anymore. I want to be a nobody from now on.

So, I forget. And get lost in my own imagination. I hope you can enjoy this creation as I once did, with moderation. As I didn't. Hahaha. Sigh... if I could, I would give you the true crown. Which is not a kingly crown, as you would imagine. But a golden jester hat. I would like any of you to have the creation. I'd love to give you the whole world. So, I can subsequently incarnate as a nobody who fishes all day and doesn't have to worry about life too much. A simple life. I would like to become invisible to the world. To die without people noticing me.

To take this inner child, that I am trying to protect for dear life, to the grave. Because he is both my blessed ignorance, and my sweet innocence. That is why I spend most of my time online here. In this beautiful forum you have created. Instead of doing more adult stuff. I don't want to be disturbed. Please, don't disturb the old man inside of me. Because he is the complete opposite of the child. You don't want to wake up the old man, trust me.

Speaking of which. It is very much like this artwork I saw from the tree-eyed crow from Game of Thrones. Where you have this ancient guy on a throne, with a child next to him, sitting on the roots of the tree of life. Petting a little raven. Cute, and creepy. Well, that's me, basically. I go from the old dude with the deathly stare to the innocent child.

But yeah. That's more or less it.

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