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critique wanted Is my fanfiction idea something you'd be interested in reading?


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Hey, so I've been thinking about writing an MLP fanfic because I know a lot about the lore but have always had a few reasons why the series wasn't for me, and I wanted to write something those inside and outside of the fandom would enjoy. 

The fanfiction is a darker version of My Little Pony that acts as an alternate history focused on the villains. I have three books planned, and the first one is Hamilton inspired. The Mane Six don't feature prominently, because I didn't want to destroy what Lauren Faust created with the Mane Six and gen 4. 

I would appreciate input! Thanks!

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It's not a lot of information to go on, but I am all for a darker take on the events of MLP and would be interested in seeing more of the concept you're describing. One which focuses more on the villains sounds interesting, if handled properly at least.

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You should go ahead confidently! I'm sorry, I didn't see the notifications about this. So, Sombra is Alexander Hamilton? Interesting, I can't personally visualize that, so I'd have to read it, but please, do keep going!

Mmm ... Questions... Okay, what of Cozy Glow? Chrysalis? Discord? Grogar? Starlight?

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Hmm. It does sound interesting. I for one hated the ending that the villain trio got in the finale

What do you mean by destroying The Mane Six? Killing them? 

I took a risk with The Mane Six in my sequel fan fiction to "The Ending of the End" where The Mane Six tries to defeat Chrysalis once again after she's escaped  from stone for twenty three years. But when they try to use the rainbow lazer to do that since "The Ending of the End" they instead fall to the ground as it seemed they were just about to power over the Queen. They're confused as Chrysalis is laughing in seeing that The Mane Six just now realized that they lost their connections to The Elements of Harmony by laughing at the trio getting turned to stone rather then attempting to help them after they where weakened all those years ago.

But I still had them play a supporting role when introducing my new main cast showing them still passing on the good of their elements over to a new generation (Not Sunny and her friends I mean of course)

But yeah, don't be afraid to do something like that. And if you are planning on killing some or all of them, it's your alternate universe after all. Just do what you feel matters to the story and characters as well.

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On 11/1/2022 at 8:18 PM, TheRealAmeliaEarhart said:

Should I just go ahead confidently or not go through with the project because there isn't a lot of interest?

You should go ahead! I haven't seen Hamilton, but I plan to. I can't wait to see your idea come to fruition when you're ready! I love stories focused on villains!!

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