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Request Shop Doing requests for CAS

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I'm gonna be opening up a shop 'cause my school requires that we do something for CAS. If any of you want me to draw your OC, post a ref sheet or description of your character and I'll get to it when I can

I've also made this, for insight on what I do and don't do


Requests I'm doing:


(Note: I won't be doing the requests in order, you'll be tagged when they're done)

(Note 2: Since I'm doing this as part of CAS, I'm required to take photos of requests as proof. Rest assured however that all photos taken that show account details will be anonymised to ensure the user's confidentiality)

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@Reality Check


Heed Green is deceptively tall for someone who takes a look at the little things, standing easily taller than most other people (so in general just unbecomingly bulky). She has a Dark Green (easily mistaken as black) hair, albeit lighter around the body. 

Cutie Mark would probably be something like three shiny leaves infront of a magnifying glass, symbolizing her talent for seeing the little details in nature.  She's a rather crude person, unrefined and even a bit unsavory. Despite this, she's rather generous, and quite wise. She has a belief of 'Equal pay for equal work', resulting in her effective work, despite not dealing in any sort of money.

 "Heed Green". It sounds like a real name. Plus, if you add 'ful' to the end of 'heed', then it describes a part of her personality:  Her aware and attentive nature, thus making her a heedful person. 

Keep the mane style. Keep the purple bands in her mane, eye color is blue.



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