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Moments ago, ZiggWheelsManning said:

Surely speaks volumes, even though I'm not comfortable watching it.  

I love it! Great animation, catchy music! now animators are to scared to animate, this is why animators struggle in the East to appeal to audiences that complain about a lack of representation ummm why?


The animators are just trying to stay true to source material and be realistic?


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Forgot about this gem. It really is uncanny, gives a little credence to what the radical Christians were saying about Pokemon being demonic as Banette was my favorite Pokemon since I was like 9 or 10 long before future events would pan out the way they did. xD 




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Reactors, reacting to episodes I like. I do not like the ideas of them though since they really don't do anything but ask for Patreon support while watching other's work.

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The Slo Mo Guys are really making me annoyed right now. Every single slow motion shot has that same annoying universe-and-everything music to it :yeahno:

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