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general How well do you think you can write or draw?


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I believe my work are good since I pour my heart into. Sadly the art/writing industries don’t seem to acknowledge it.

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I’m confident in all my work. I sometimes like to dream about becoming a professional artist or writer. But after my experiences with college classes they always expects whatever is the trendiest style as art, in today’s norm. Same goes for writing...

“Rock and roll, I gave you all the best years of my life
All the dreamy sunny Sundays, all the moon-lit summer nights
I was so busy in the back room writin' love songs to you
While you were changin' your direction and you never even knew
That I was always, just one step behind you“

It’s like the world of arts and writing, they want something realistic and then expects you to follow it. You practiced and create and now they want something else and so forth.

I’m a traditionalist and often prefer my own style and stick with it.. but then on the other hand, when someone else did the similar intake like mine in their own work and got recognized for it. I’m like, “ummm?” So… yeah fuck the art/writing industries.

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Absolute zero on both. Drawing was one of the hardest subjects at school for me. Similar with writing. I can draw a stick figure, that's pretty much it.

I can do technical drawings though, or at least I could do them in University, by now I probably forgot most of it, but I could probably fire up AutoCAD and figure out how to draw a bolt or something. 

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I'd say I'm good at writing, I mean, I can format well and write proper Engrish English so does that count? I practice art but I'm still not good at it, I do animate, but it's not drawn, I take models and move them, sometimes changing them. A good example of this type of animation is my Madness Combat animations. (Jeez Flash 8 is hard) I know an old friend of mine animates like this, and they're plannin on making a full on series that way, I don't know personally if it's a good way to animate, but it's there.

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