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G5 References to the Occult

Misty Shadow

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For those who don't know, MLP G5 has already had three references to the occult through the character Izzy Moonbow. She's revealed to have the power to read auras, talk to the spirits of her ancestors, and does readings with crystals. Nothing too explicit, right? Check out this comic cover. :fluttershy:


Yeah, My Little Pony's not horsing around anymore. Look at this. It is definitely a pentagram, an occult symbol, on top of an Ouija board, something used in occult rituals. No one is reading into this with an overactive imagination, it's right there, Friendship is Witchcraft confirmed now. Yes, I'm well-aware of the kind of stuff that's usually allowed on most kids shows now, I'm just laughing at how this is finally happening in My Little Pony. I grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh! where you couldn't even give the demons horns on the English cards. You could never have gotten away with this in My Little Pony. You could not. Have gotten. Away with this

Let's see where this goes, I'm ecstatic. Please summon Twilight Sparkle's ghost. :kirin:

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Not really a fan myself. Of the cover I mean, although I’ve had trouble getting into g5 in general because it’s so different then g4 and I miss g4 

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4 minutes ago, Gale Wind said:

Not really a fan myself. Of the cover I mean, although I’ve had trouble getting into g5 in general because it’s so different then g4 and I miss g4 

It's alright, I mean if you've just seen some TYT than it's not really the tell for what they've done and are trying to do in MyM, the characters changing VA was one thing that hurt in the transition from A New Generation to Make Your Mark, from "my take" MyM is a lot more about their personalities and the Dynamics of how they play off each other, the broken up plot lines and slice of life issues, it's a show you have to watch in a specific order unlike the g.4 fills between the opener and finale, it all plays into part of a "larger story" than many individual premises, ironically enough Izzy made the first canonical reference the other day in TyT about "being a box once" lol but it's the entire way the story is told that makes them different, they are just two completely different breeds of kids show in my opinion, both I'm fond of, but the literal only similarity is the ponies and that pony aesthetic, everything else about how the plot is structured and how the stories are told are completely different.... What's doing it for me are the character personalities and designs, the plot is predictable with to much convenience and unnecessary plot tools, literally using Sparkys existence as one is the biggest scar on the story so far... But I enjoy the characters for who they are shaping up to be, hopefully they can introduce more unique slice of life or wacky magical situations to the show that help us explore the depth of this characters, I have a lot of ideas that could be explored with the existing Mane 5...

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