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general media Jason David Frank(Power Rangers's Tommy Oliver) has died of age 49


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Earlier today there were several reports that Jason David Frank(Power Rangers' Tommy Oliver, who served as MMPR's Green and White Ranger, Zeo and Turbo's Red Ranger and Dino Thunder's Black Ranger) had died from unknown circumstances but people didn't know what to think. Slowly however many people including former Rangers and other production teams, and his trainer, were slowly coming out to confirm it and unfortunately it's been confirmed that he took his own life at the young age of 49


This news has hit me like a ton of bricks. Power Rangers was a massive part of my childhood and like all kids we always wanted to be like Tommy. I had the honor of meeting him last year at LA Comic Con and it was really a wonderful experience.

However behind the scenes he was dealing with a lot of demons in his personal life, going through a divorce earlier this year and losing his step-daughter last year. If you are ever going through rough times or know someone who is, always reach out to others it will always help, you may even be able to save them

Tommy returns as the white ranger in white light part two love Linda  Riggins | Tommy oliver power rangers, Tommy oliver, Power rangers memes

Rest in Power king

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Damn. First Kevin Conroy, now Jason. A lot of peoples childhoods have been hit hard.

Jason David Frank was the guy waving the Power Rangers flag. When his co-stars walked away, when people saw it as just a toy commercial, Jason was still passionate about it and the series persevered because of him. Whether it was appearing in more Power Rangers episodes than anyone or making so many convention and press runs on the show's behalf. Even in his MMA career, he still flew that flag.  That's dedication and all of us Ranger fans owe him a debt. May he finally find that peace he so deserved in life. 

Rest In Power, Tommy. 


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God damn; this one just hurts. My heart is in pieces; especially if news of this being a suicide being true. I just can't...gawd, this one hurts man. Tommy (Jason's character) was THE power ranger; really the face of the whole damn franchise. Even came back in other ranger shows years on and...gawd, my heart just breaks.

RIP Jason; you will be missed and may the Power protect you. :(

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Shocking, feel he little too young to die at 49. I watch him becoming bad guy then join the Power Rangers then left and then return to become White Ranger then appear in few New Power Rangers. He was awesome. I was about to miss him at Liverpool Comic Con at 2022 but sadly unable to get there. Wanted to met him one day. RIP White Ranger.

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