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How does your OC/Ponysona represent You?


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My OC represents everything I want to represent, the good things, but nothing of the bad things. Yes, that means the real me have bad things I don't like about myself. By never exposing the bad things, I learn how to be a better person, that's what my OC is teaching me.

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I have three OCs, who all present some aspect of myself, in one way or another.

Whiplash is chill and open in a way that I wish I could be - an idealised version of my base personality, I guess.

Comet shares some key traits with me, most of all their open willingness to be silly. We're also both ace.

Nova has social anxiety and struggles with how introverted she is, a more negative key trait of mine. We also both tend to argue ourselves into a rage sometimes.

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Collapse there symbolizes what I want to be ideally. Happy. Carefree. Free from my worries and pain. A lot more loving and sympathetic. She is creative, yet works hard on what she does.


Magnolia symbolizes more of what I actually am in some regards. More distant when applicable, yet deeply introspective. Not into parties or anything like that (I never really was). 


Spiral Spell is the more ambitious version of my mentality. Ambition is something to be crafted carefully. Spiral is a very dark and mischievous character in truth, but deep down, she just wants change. 

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Cinny was originally meant to be a fun test at a villain, but I ended up disregarding my own rules and made her a mascot before reverting her into an actual ponysona. I have others and I can and should probably make an official ponysona but for now Cinny's the placeholder. Her simple design is easy to draw, I'm already known for her here, and I don't really wanna make a G5 character. Things can change though depending on if I have the willpower to do it. :twi:

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