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What would a MLP French revolution look like?


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The sad truth is that Celestia was in fact keeping all the cake for herself. Look at the "naivety" on her face. "Oh, what is this "cake" you speak about?". "I cannot hear you behind all these expensive jewelry". Poor Pinkie Pie. And what is even worse, is that those blood thirsty "ponies" knew about it. Deep down, they knew that Celestia had hidden the cake. Because they would have done the same, had they been in her position.

And because many of them were in fact hiding food from each other. So, I wonder how many among that crowd, were cheering for the execution of an innocent. Relieved to know it was not the turn for their guilty heads on the guillotine. What a conundrum... when victim and victimizer start looking awfully alike. When power sacrifices its subjects.

I would like to put my hand on the back of Twilight, and ask her. "Who is the enemy, here?". I am sure she will point out at anybody but her beloved mentor, that hoof-licker. But who knows? Especially, if we consider that the real Twilight may have been seeking to replace her, after seeing the poor results of her rulership. And this may have been the perfect excuse for Twilight to start an insurrection against her beloved Princess Celestia.

And at the center of all. A piece of cake. The one behind it all. But is it the cake? Or is it the lie we tell ourselves to feed our hunger for power? After all, the cake is...

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I like to think Celestia used to reign over nearly everything, but her rule softened by allowing senior officials to do as they pleased for generations at a time, resulting in a sense of sovereignty and eventually resenting her for not providing aid, feeling abandoned, or a visit decades or even centuries down the line as an overstep for a land that's acted independent all this time.

On top of this, native sentient species being subjected to a second class citizen status and we brew a global secession movement, which is largely successful with Equestria opting to become isolationist, leaving us with the Equestria we experience in Season 1 before reconnecting through Twilight's efforts.

In this specific instance, I like to think the revolution took place in what is today Griffon Territory, with a near equal population of our felid raptor hybrids and magical equines. The ruling class don't do enough to take care of their citizenry, and we get an uprising just as we've had here. Our "Neighpoleon" arises, wreaks havoc across the land, upsetting the balance of power and so on. He is eventually defeated by a coalition, and the prior monarchy restored. History goes on with two other revolutions, but rather than one of Neighpoleon's descendents being elected president of a republic, we have a griffon take power and bring about a new empire that eventually becomes griffon dominated.

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