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Prisoner Rarity | Definitive Edition


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Original DA Link: https://www.deviantart.com/spellboundcanvas/art/Prisoner-Rarity-Definitive-Edition-928666289

Rarity hates paying taxes and did whatever she could to get out of paying them. One day however, she received a letter from Equestria's Ministry of the Treasury that she had been audited and owed almost 5 years worth of back taxes. Failure to pay said taxes would result in her doing some time. Not wanting to prison Rarity attempted to lie her way out and was charged with perjury because as it turns out she isn't a very good liar. As a last desperate attempt, Rarity went to the stallion prosecutor and tried to use her "lady charm" on him... and was subsequently charged with sexual harassment. Realizing that she had dug herself into a deep hole, Rarity ended up accepting a guilty plea that would have her sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and 200 hours of community service in exchange for having the sexual harassment charge being dropped. 

Those 5 years would feel like an eternity for Ms. Rarity. As she in addition to having to deal with cold nights, cold showers, nasty smells, bland food, and only being allowed visits 2 hours a month, she would be required to wear what she considered a crime against fashion when outside her cell; a one piece orange jumper. Which she would also have to wear whenever she was outside prison walls doing community service. 

Well guys, after being stuck in drawing hell for almost a whole year, I finally present a remake/reimagining of another art piece that I did back in 2014.

For comparison is the original version that I made, 8 years ago. 


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