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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

Rainbow Dash

How did you find MLP Forums?

Google search "My Little Pony Forums"

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

I became a sorta fan back in 2010, when it first aired on Czech Minimax kids TV channel.

Hello! I'm relatively new here (been here for like 5 months). My name is SunIsLost, shortened to just Sun, but here on this forum, you can refer me by my Pony Name Verdant Shy.

I'm 18, will turn 19 in in about 5 days as of this writing. (My birthday will happen on 22.12.2022).

My favorite color is Green. (but I like all colors)

My favorite food is schnitzel with rice and cucumber salad.
My favorite flavor/sweet is Chocolate.
My interests include:
My Little Pony, Minecraft, YouTube, Tech (especially Computers), Politics, Geography, History, Culture (Primary Slavic Culture), Art, Music, Business, Breaking Bad, Squid game, Anime, Cartoons, Disney, Pixar (Soul movie is my favorite), Dream Works (Shrek, How to train a dragon, Puss in boots etc.), Minions and Despicable me, Hollywood Movies (I want to see the old Hollywood movies that came during the golden ages, but I don't mind some modern movies like Free Guy), DC, Marvel and many more. I like games, with Minecraft being my favorite.
My favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy. I like movies about time traveling. (Doctor Who is the best). That's all, have a nice day everypony! Brohoof! /)

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10 hours ago, abrony-mouse said:

welcome to the herd Czech pony! 

I will never forget the hospitality of the Czech ponies when I visited Prague. Ať žije Miss Libussa!


I'm not a Czech Pony, I'm a Slovak Pony, but hello anyway! Čus ;) /)

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