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Sup everyone


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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

Twilight Sparkle

How did you find MLP Forums?

Poniverse & I was looking around to see if there were any interesting Mlp groups to join.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

Watched the show back in 2016 for a bit before delving into the fanfiction side of the fandom, as a lifelong reader I was instantly hooked =)

I'm quite interested in topics related to weather and the sort and plan to study in meteorology since storms and how they work is honestly pretty neato. I read an ungodly amount of stories so any book or fic recommendations are always welcome!

I play quite a decent amount of games although I'd reckon the one I play most frequently is Destiny 2., I am always looking for others to play with and it would be honestly refreshing to find something new to play.
Aside from all of that, as a word of caution to anyone who wants to be my friend I'm someone who is rather blunt and dislikes sugarcoating things so if you wanna be friends please keep that in mind as I don't want to upset anyone and I know I can have an rather abrasive personality at times.

Anyways I hope to enjoy my time here and hopefully meet some new friends that I can hang out with now and then and maybe even share some interests with!


Ooh also forgot to add it though I'm sure it's obvious by now, but my favorite color is purple!

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welcome to the forums, book pony! :3 

we like straight trotters here, most of the time. You might want to check out our debate pit :P 

and there's plenty of fic discussion. here's mine, if you fancy a G1 fic (always welcome suggestions!)

here's a picture of Twi that could provoke a fanfic all on its own 


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42 minutes ago, abrony-mouse said:



Ooh yeah I agree that pic could for sure be used as an idea for a fanfic! Maybe a simple oneshot?

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Hey king.silver its trai.again, I just wanted to.see.how to you.were doing. Do you have an alt I mean I do. I wanna get back to role-playing in roleplay is magic. I mean you can make.an alt but.you have to wait.30' days for it.to.be 30 days old. If you do.have an alt on roblox.please tell me the name when you are ready? 

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