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What if there was a MLP episode, where it dealt with Equine Infectious Anemia disease?


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Where a horse fly bites a pony then another pony. And it is going to die, and the way they deal with loss, and so they find inventions to keep horse fly off them.

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Then we'd have a sad but informative episode of MLP. Don't let flies bite yourself or your ponies folks. It could also talk about syringe use 

not sure if these are very on brand messages for a cute show about ponies and both of those lessons should be common sensical, but if it was to happen then that would hopefully be the resulst

I would like to see Twi's letter to Princess Celestia though:


"Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned not to let insects bite you just because you are a pony because otherwise you might contract swamp fever, with symptoms including death. On the plus side, I did make friends with the grieving family. Next week's lesson will hopefully be similarly informative, as I have been invited round to the Cakes' house to play 'pass the syringe'."

Well that took a disturbing turn, hidden it behind a spoiler for the unintentional drug-use reference D: what is wrong with me recently :( 

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I'm surprised that I've never heard of this before with my Veterinarian girlfriend and the weird things I've dived into for this Fandom.

Perhaps we'd something similar to when the US sprayed DDT everywhere in the 40s and 50s. Sure would change how future parasprite infestations were handled. :sealed:

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